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an experiment with Steam's algorithm [volunteers welcome 🙃]



Okay, so I’m going to try a little experiment, based on a number of conversations I’ve had with people recently.
It seems that Steam highly values “community engagement,” based off of a conversation I recently had with a rep there (I got permission to share this, don’t worry):

The issue is, most activity around my games right now takes place on Discord.
So I’m going to try an experiment, and see how Steam community activity effects visibility (my internal view-count on Steam has been almost perfectly consistent the past few days, so if I see a significant change there, I can be pretty confident there’s a causative effect)
if everyone who is willing to participate in this could please post in what your favorite flavor of ice cream is, or what’s the coolest poem you’ve read this year (if any). Feel free to be as long or as short as you like (and to respond to other posts if you want to), and while you’re there, going to the store page and checking the “follow” button would be appreciated as well. The more people who do this the better, since it should have a larger (and easier to detect) causative effect, if my hypothesis holds.
I want to be perfectly open and ethical about this experiment, so if you have any concerns/questions at all, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


was Kinda surprised that the game is something i have already seen/looked at before


Really?! Where have you seen it before?


I made several CoNtRiBuTiOnS, one of which is certain to inspire hate, which feeds my hellish minions. :smiling_imp:

Good luck with your new game, man. :butterfly:


lol thank you very much :smile:



(Did i get it right? If no reply and i ll delete my post)




Followed and commented. Hope this helps you out. The game looks very interesting as well, so I am glad I stopped in to follow it.


i think i saw in upcoming or on my explore list but (can’t remember) but i do remember bringing that page up like a week before you brought this up i think?


Added my two cents, hope it helps.


I think the game is gonna cost more than that, man…