Amazon Kindle Tips

Disclaimer: I do NOT own an Amazon Kindle but I know some do. Hope these are Great Tips. Enjoy!


Hope that’s not offtop, but. If you don’t own a Kindle reader, do you own any reader at all? And if you do, why not Kindle?

I’ve got Sony PRS-T2, and while it’s seen by everyone as inferior, I found it a perfect reader for all my needs. But Sony stopped selling readers and accessories, so I guess if it dies someday, I’ll have to buy one of the giants - most likely, Kindle. Everybody I know have Kindle, except a friend of mine who’s got Onyx.


Short answer: I don’t want a “one-trick pony”. Plus, I am cheap and stubborn and hate people or things that don’t allow me to do things my way.

When I pay $50 for a book, I think i should pretty much be able to read it any damn place I want.

So I use Calibre…On a tablet and my PC.


Oh, but an ereader is so much easier to read from than a tablet/PC screen…e-paper is virtually equivalent to actual paper for reading and much less fatiguing than an LCD. I don’t use a Kindle, and favour a first gen Nook Simple Glowlight. But since you can’t get that first gen any longer if I had to get a replacement ereader it’d be the Kobo Aura One.


I cannot agree more. I have a Kindle 4, and it’s really great to load up a few books on it and read. It’s lighter than a normal book, and it’s not eye-straining like a LCD screen.


And I know @ARS85 and @coralinecastell love theirs.

But my tablet is used as a PC when I am away from my desk/camping etc. I don’t have a laptop.

As far as lighting, I use f.lux. I just flux with the setting…


Seconding this. As someone with pretty bad astigmatism, all sources of light halate for me, including “screens” (which is literally your eyes staring at a light). I have to use my glasses to be able to read anything on a backlit screen, but I can get away without using them for e-ink.


witchcraft ! :open_mouth:



I agree with the Kindle being super easy on the eyes. I am in the technology field and look at some form of LCD screen allllll day. The Kindle has been a dream come true to me since I have went from physical copies of reading to digital.

I have yet to think about researching ways to lengthen the battery life although I’ve done all these steps EXCEPT Airplane Mode and Page Refresh. I prefer my WiFi to stay on when I am around the house so I can use the Dictionary option at will. Now Page Refresh… brilliant idea! Turn that sucker off, and if for some reason we do get Ghosting after ‘turning the page’, we can always turn it back on. But per the article, this should rarely, if ever, happen, anyhow.

Thanks @delenn13!!

Take care all :smiley:


I have never had a page refresh problem in the ~9 years and two Kindle models I’ve had, it’s quite fine to turn off.

And the dictionary does not require internet access, but wikipedia does. The onboard dictionary is generally sufficient unless you’re reading something with specialized terminology.


Wow, I did not realize that the dictionary was internal. I 'ASS’umed it was web-based as was wikipedia. I just tried this out and it works on Airplane Mode - thank you thank you thank you!

And thank you for your input on Page Refresh. I am new to the Kindle - or any e-Reader for that matter, hehe - and will take any tips and knowledge. You rock, thanks! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Have a blessed day :slight_smile:


Happy to help. My only other big tip is to use Calibre to manage your library (as delenn13 does). Calibre will let you easily rename files to organize them (so, for instance, my Harry Potter books are labeled “HP1 - The Philospher’s Stone”, “HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets”, etc. Makes them automatically sort together). Calibre also does a pretty good job of converting between formats, in case you get a .epub that you want to make a .mobi, etc.


I use pocketbook. While this is an app on my phone, you can edit the brightness levels - and turn it all the way down, effectively not straining your eyes.
I don’t have anything against e-readers but I agree with @delenn13 about the “one-trick-pony” - it’s too expensive for me (who’s saving for a car, university and my own house one day) to consider purchasing :blush:


Yes, I agree @Calibre. @delenn13 got me hooked on it right before the e-Reader… Calibre is awesome software.

I do not fault you one bit, AA! I am past the age and time of saving for car, studies and house although I do now have my little man to save for, hehe, but I was able to pick up a used Kindle Paperwhite for 30USD, locally. I got lucky. The lady wanted the brand new one that came out in Oct/Nov and received this old one I bought from her the Christmas before last - in perfect condition. Again, I got lucky. But more power and respect to you for maintaining your priorities! Keep at it and you’ll succeed in all that you’re doing AND it’ll feel great when you complete your studies, get your own car and house. It’s an awesome achievement and a ‘badge’ you can have in real life :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: