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Am i missing Bonus Coins with Daily Deal purchase?


Hi, i purchased today’s deal, but was i supposed to get bonus coins along with the purchase?

Last time i bought a deal on Chrono, i got bonus coins, but not this time. Did it bug or it simply doesn’t come with bonus coins?



Hello! I’m not support but I’m tagging someone who might be able to help, in order to notify them of your issue ASAP.


In the meantime please feel free to also contact the Chrono support team by shooting them an e-mail at

Hope your issue gets sorted soon and have a nice day! :blush:


Thank you very much for your help!


I checked the purchase page and it shows 0 bonus coins to be gained for me too. Doesn’t look like your coins bugged out at some point in the purchase process though, rather that for some reason this sale doesn’t award coins. Whether that’s by mistake or not will have to be answered by someone else.

Also tagging @frst and @dusty


Whoops, looks like we missed the bonus coins on that sale, apologies! @Comett throw us an email at and we’ll get you squared away. :slight_smile:


I’ve sent a mail to your support desk as @coralinecastell suggested and Ernie is taking care of the request.





I believe they should hire you and pay you! Wow! This is super formal


Haha! Being hired by Chrono? That’s high praise, thank you!

I’m just used to writing business e-mails and moderating gaming forums, is all! Anyone can get the gist of hepfulness in time. :hugs: