Always 0 coins and 0 day streak ever since I've registered

Title. I’ve NEVER EVER been able to claim yet a single coin by log in and clicking.
At this point I’m not even sure I clicked in the right place, but since I’ve tried everything then…

I’ve also read other users whom got their coins RESET which I’m not sure if there’s a bug in the site.
I’m half mad half annoyed, as I’ve come here in recommendation of an spanish user who seem to be claiming his coins alright, so…

Can you help me? otherwise I’ll chalk it up to another scammy site, captchas are working and generating income for you, yet where’s my “payment”? my coins?

Yes, I’m new, but I’ve read the how coins work and yet they just don’t for me.

EDIT: I’m such an idiot, I WAS in fact, clicking on the wrong place! This site is legit and not scammy, I’m sorry. I also stand corrected thanks to a few commenters to bother enough to comeby and put me in the right track, so thank you, and again, I’m sorry.


a scammy site, rly? cuz 1 dude has a problem?

u say yrself yr not even sure u clicked in the right place, so maybe try clicking the big coin on


One this is a 100% legit business otherwise Total Biscuit and other Youtubers/streamer wouldn’t be promoting them then and since you haven’t told us what you have tried to fix the problem, here are a few suggestions,Are you clicking on the gold coin on the front page and then it gets grayed out saying you already redeemed it, Clear browser cach and cookies, try a different browser.


Step 1 - Log into main site. Make sure you’re properly logged in with your username at the top right.
Step 2 - Scroll down to Buy Game button on the main deal page. There’s a glinting coin next to the buy button.

Step 3 - Click coin.
Step 4 - Profit!
Step 5 - Wait 24 hours.
Step 6 - Go to step 1.


You only joined this forum yesterday and I doubt you’ve been clicking the coin for weeks ahead without getting coins, have you? So you are either making it up or you are exaggerating greatly and only tried twice or so :roll_eyes:


That does seem a little silly. Should probably have caught on something was amiss a little sooner.

You might want to look into if you have any overly zealous adblockers, script blocking or other plugins that alters site behaviour. I run quite a few blockers for ads, tracking and so on myself but that isn’t causing me any troubles, you never know though. Might want to just try it without them to see if something changes. I had no idea kaptchas generates revenue, did you guys know about this?


I was quite certain website owners would have to pay for the service of captchas… lol


Can I multiquote? I’d be easier!

First thing first: I was so wrong! I was clicking in another coin, not the one I was supposed to be clicking. So sorry, I admit I was very mistaken. I wish I could take it back but I’d setle with being stand corrected, thank you all of you, even those who weren’t as polite as they could/should/would

(how there isn’t a meme of this is beyond me :P)

Now, to the manual multi quote, sigh
harith: I was wrong. I’ll edit the OP to address this. Not a scammy site. Anyways, there’s not 1 dude, in case you haven’t read, I said there were many users complaining about streak reset or coins gone. Mine’s was different because there were any to beging with, but the other cases are real and support chimed in to investigate.

TR3NT I’m new and haven’t checked what Cinical brit aka TB mentioned. Only heard from this site by this spanish friend whom now I know didn’t explained properly. There was nothing else to try fix it, aside from log in log out, F5 hundred times, etc. Now I know it wasn’t really anythign BAD it was me, looking in the wrong place.
This is besides the point but take YT -or anyone’s promoting- with a grain of salt; many YT promote a site called G … A and the word is it’s pretty shady, so there. best you can do is try for yourself and see.
I grew weary of everything and everyone, I’ve burned myself more times I can count and so I instantly not trust until I verify myself. There’s almost always time to ask and offer apologies if mistaken. but when burnt is too late to fix/go back/undo… Don’t you think?

@xist THANK YOU! thanks to you know I realise how much of an idiot I am, it even says on hovering, that’s the coin I should had been clicking, not the others ones… supose if I’m the only one like this can’t really blame the site for not being clearer or idiot-proof, huh? XD

@anon74641759 I didn’t registered yesterday! it were 5 days ago
anyhow, the community date doesn’t have to do with the missing coins, I just signed out here for help, and it took a rude stupid thread to find out how wrong I was, even after I asked this friend if I was doing alright, sent him a screenshot of where I was clicking and everything, he didn’t help much, said “well now you know” and oh man, I didn’t!
Agree it isn’t adblockers, also happy to report (?) that also not using miners, as -surprised as I was- other sites I frequent do!
Also, how would it work out for site owners to pay for captchas? I mean, it MAY work to some degree against posting crap bots, but I was (still am) convinced ahd those captchas generate revenue for someone, you’re clicking random images sometimes multiple times! I also have the vague notion of reading some disclaimer in another website telling their users to not be discourage of captchas because they need it to help cover the server expenses and such. Sorry I cannot offer a source for this as I don’t rememeber from where it was.

Anywhow, it’s “fixed” now. I’m an idiot clicking in anything but the right coin
See www there’s also a spinning coin! first time I did, it even showed an “01” to the left and I thought that was ONE coin from clicking THAT coin. d’oh!


true but take a look at there partner page ( these are people I would consider mostly reputable and trustworthy people and that one of them is a well known game critic & calls out shady business and practices like G2A.
EDIT: also welcome to the community. :grinning:


Straight from Google’s website:

What is reCAPTCHA?

"reCAPTCHA is a free service that protects your website from spam and abuse. reCAPTCHA uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHAs to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your site. It does this while letting your valid users pass through with ease.

reCAPTCHA offers more than just spam protection. Every time our CAPTCHAs are solved, that human effort helps digitize text, annotate images, and build machine learning datasets. This in turn helps preserve books, improve maps, and solve hard AI problems."

I guess google makes/saves money by offering this service. Sites like use it to protect themselves against bots and thus also save money (by not giving out games to bots, saving bandwidth, less admins necessary etc.)

Edit: It’s gotten indefinitely cooler to me now that I know am actually doing something productive and not just playing some stupid “minigame”


So glad to see it resembles the foldinghome things to a lesser scale…
Agree with you, it does feel better than playing a stupid minigame, helping towards something nicer
also, we’re helping Skynet! we’ve doomed ourselves, judgement day is coming! -one of these days…-


I’ve gone over all posts again to make sure, and I rly can’t seem to find anyone who was “impolite” towards you, though u insinuated that this site might be “scammy” and would be generating income through captchas by somehow tricking u into going through captchas over and over again while withholding your “payment” as u call it, as if chrono actually owes anyone anything to begin with

anyway, I’m sure they’ll accept yr apology; they seem to be quite patient with posts like these


Yes, it was a missunderstanding, on my part.

No, Chrono did not hold my? payment nor nothing of the sorts; I failed to find the right place and I wasn’t generating the coins in the first place.
There’s not much point pointing fingers, texting has it’s ways to sound more rude or aggro towards others while other people might think differently. It’s in the past now.
The part of the captchas, think it was indiegala, if you do everything right but you get an error, gotta do the recaptcha thing all over again to try again claiming your key. It has nothing to do with Chrono and I probably overreacted. Not to justify myself but I’ve been burnt before so I instantly distrust stuff.

It’s all sorted now, if mods (there are mods here?) feel that this needs to be closed or deleted, please do so. Thanks and everyone have a nice weekend :smiley:


Thank you for your gracious reply and actually taking the time to explain the situation. Hopefully your experience of the site will be better from now on, and if you ever have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the forum.