Alternate use for coins (repost)

This was originally suggested by beeper23 in another thread, but it got no attention aside from 3 likes, so I decided to repost it here.

Basically, we think it would be a good idea to allow users to use coins to further discount the daily sale. In other words, if there’s a $10 game on sale for 50% off, people could spend 2000 coins to get 20% off of the discounted price and only pay $4. I imagine that you buy keys in bulk in order to discount them as much as you do, so you might also have to put a limit on the amount it can be discounted (e.g. if you bought 1000 keys for $4000, then $4 would be the lowest price anyone could get).



Well likes generally mean people like the idea, but as much as I like the idea, from Chrono’s business perspective that may not be feasible.

Basically they would eat into the majority of their profit margin for that purchase to get rid of the coins that you give you for free.

How that weighs up against giving you a key for free I don’t know (maybe the coin games are extra keys from minimum purchase orders from the daily deals that didn’t sell, hence the keys are just sitting there losing them money, so you might as well use them as incentive to come to the site, just speculation though).

Just my thoughts from a different perspective.


Definitely a neat idea, it’s something we’ll put some thought into. Like @PeteMcc alluded to, there are a lot of factors that we’ll have to consider, so definitely no guarantees, but as we continue to expand Chrono Coins it may be an option!