Alternate payment options and currency

For…reasons… i refuse to continue using Paypal and it seems my CC company decides to charge extra when using my card to pay for games on Chrono in $.
I now question if the deals are as good when considering the extra charges on my card.

Is there any chance in alternate payment methods like Stripe, Payoneer maybe, there are others. With additional option of currency choices. for me that would be GBP/£.


Currency conversion fees are a fact of life no matter which payment processor is used (though some may offer better/worse rates at any given time). Even PayPal charges fees.

By offering different currencies, Chrono would essentially have to pay the fees for you (since they need USD in the end). So, either they take a hit in profits by paying everyone’s fees, or they raise the non-USD prices to cover the fees (but to keep the same profit, they’d have to raise them by more than the fees would be, since the fees would be a % of the new price, which means you’d actually end up paying more).
Having the customer pay the currency conversion fee is the least painful option for all involved.

More payment options would be good though! The particularly thrifty could choose their payment method on who has the best rate that day.


I doubt the currency fee will be anything similar to the FLAT £1.25 i have to pay on ANY non £ payment.
Paying an extra 10p for a transaction fee for a £4 game is fine to me. but £5.25 for a £4 game? bullshit.


If you end up buying a lot of stuff in USD because of online transactions, perhaps you should look into a different banking option? It seems that the issue is that the flat charge comes straight from your bank.

And if you don’t mind me asking, as you have the option of using paypal, why don’t you do it? You would be well served if you make a lot of these smaller transactions.


I’ve bought games here with my Payoneer card fyi


Other than here i only spend money on Patreon, which shows $ but actually charges £ in my bank so no USD charges there.

Just looked into getting a payoneer account but it needs an up to date form of ID which i do not have right now sadly.

Not sure what to try next. Guess i gotta take another 1.25 to the neck to get the current game…


that’s something u better look into asap regardless I’d say, so as not to get in all kinds of trouble

as for payoneer, if u r able to get something else going for u, like paypal or whatever, then I’d suggest u do that, cuz though i use payoneer simply out of necessity, it’s pretty hard to get it going, and even after u do get it going, they lock yr account several times, unannounced, and even hold incoming payments, for additional paperwork and checks


In the UK we don’t really use ID for much. Especially since i don’t go on holiday/abroad.
I might need some ID at some point, but right now since it costs money paying for id seems a little like a step back in this case haha. Not saying i don’t have the money, im a heavy penny pincher and dont see the value of it.

Sound like a whole heck of a lot like paypal in that last point, which is in part why I’m not using it anymore. Their dodgy/corrupt actions are more than enough for me to question ever using them again.

There is 1 more option iv been meaning to try but i cant remember the name of it. once i find it and try it ill let you all know.