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Alright, let's do a poll.


I thought EPIC should have known. But I was very wrong.:man_shrugging:

How long will this ‘epic’ lockdown last?

  • It will be available in a sec
  • Within a few hours
  • Who knows, let’s come back tomorrow
  • Foreverrrrrrr

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There you go. :wink:
Mark of the Ninja


I have no idea what you are talking about.


GTA V giveaway swamped them. I tried about once an hour thru the day. I had success about 90 minutes ago.


I managed to get on the website an hour ago


Thanks to all the participants.

Just a heads up. The website should be functioning as normal now.


Couldn’t vote in your poll - no MotN!


flawed poll, there is not Mark of the Ninja option, results are void :triumph:


Yep no “Mark Of the Ninga”…I can’t vote on this…

Edited:Stupid search!

Do a search for “Mark of the ninja poll” and you will understand.

  • Mark Of the Ninja
  • Mark Of the Ninjago

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You folks who vote Mark of the Ninja obviously never heard of the Ninjago theme