AllYouPlay - Death Stranding Giveaway

I found out about this giveaway earlier via the IsThereAnyDeal site’s notifications.

I’m not too familiar with AllYouPlay, but according to the GameDeals subreddit and a couple of other sources they seem to be legit. Despite the currency shown throughout the entire site, they sell keys for other regions too apparently. I assume the same would apply to this giveaway. (It would be nice if the site had some settings to make it display your own currency though.)


This giveaway will end in 6 days.

How to enter:

  • You must create an account (and verify it) on their website to be able to enter.
  • The available entry actions displayed afterward are as follows:
    – Register on our website
    – Tag a friend on our giveaway Instagram post
    – Sign up for our Newsletter

Sorry about this but I have to close this thread because these types of giveaways are not allowed here. I asked about these types of giveaways before.

I do them…I have won games like Slime Rancher, I am not a monster and Jaws of Extinction and many more. Just can;t do them here.

Sorry :persevere: