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Alienware level 20+ key giveaway: Portal Dogs (restocked Steam keys)



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There are no keys available at this time, try again later :frowning:


My bad…

potentially scamaz’d…


Still amazes me that you can get to that high a level at 5 AP at a time, lol.


If you do the daily stuff like letting the washing hands video play out (Alton Brown FTW by the way) and doing the guessing game, you can get ~20-30 AP a day


Please link me to these things on that awkward to navigate site kind sir. :blush:



  • Alton Brown handwashing video

  • Answer: Kentucky Derby

  • Answer: Ron Turcotte

*Keep in mind that these quests in particular are for NA


@GeekInUndies Yup. Would have to VPN or something and that might not be a good idea. No idea.

Also, why is the music in Gris so haunting. O_O


@Danacscott not 100% sure, but it may be worthwhile to click the links and see if it redirects you to your region’s quests automatically.


I did… The errors were real. Edit: For each link: Page does not exist.



Click on your avatar/icon in the upper right-hand corner…

Scroll down on the drop menu to view your daily quests.


Had one daily quest today - it was to change your About text in your profile. Under that, I see Calendar.


Damn, I’m sorry. :sob:


It’s oki. Guess they weren’t thinking of my little island when they designed the system.


:blue_heart: :barbados:


@GeekInUndies <== :heart:


@GeekInUndies beat me to it, but yeah I had a list of quests. I didn’t know they were region locked, sorry.


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Hmm it may be your region, US has the most to do as far as quests and getting ARP iirc.


Tried. but it’s invalid. Maybe I got it wrong.:thinking: