Alienware Community Giveaways (Feature Beta)

Due to the popularity of the community giveaways forum board, we’ve been working on a tool to allow members to create their own Community Giveaways on the site. Some of the things you’ll notice about this new feature:

  1. Only Tier 2+ members can currently create a Community Giveaway. To better ensure quality, we have limited the ability to create a Community Giveaway to members that know the ins-and-outs of the site a bit more. Sorry new members and Tier 1 members still working their way to Tier 2 :frowning:
  2. You must have your Steam account linked to your Alienware Arena account. “Why?” you may ask… The feature is built so that the backend system can check for two things:
  • A member can’t enter a Community Giveaway for a game they already own on Steam.
  • When a member wins and claims their key, the system will check their Steam account within 72 hours of claiming the key to ensure they’ve redeemed the key. If they don’t, they will be suspended from the Community Giveaway feature and can be eventually banned.

As the feature is in a beta phase, we’ll be working to improve it over time based on how the community engages with it and what feedback they may have.

For additional information, check out the Community Giveaways FAQ here.


Yeah, I was about to post this then I got lazy. :sweat_smile:

The giveaways differ from region, so the “NA.” Alienware has certain giveaways, the “EU.” version has others and so on.

And yeah, these are different from the usual giveaways and Vault: it’s a raffle so the winner is based on RNG.


I remember before they did the massive overhaul on the site they use to have a section for giveaways like this, it was years ago but I think you could get arp back then by doing them. Was mostly filled with shovelware though back then lol.


Finally won something out of those giveaways! :grin:

And yeah, you must use the key you got on your linked Steam account, so no sharing/selling keys or entering giveaways of games you own.

Otherwise be ready to get booted out of those giveaways!