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Albion Online trials key



hey guys, i have a couple trials key for albion online an isometric mmo rpg, if you are interested by one let me know.

EDIT: the trial is a 7 days trial


what is a trial key? what does and doesnt it give access to?


nice, but it seems to lend itself to someone playing full time


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@anyamtikja Well, never got on Albion so I am not sure what it allows and what it restricts as a trial, all I know is that it’s for is if you make an account, use the code the trial gives you, you’d have a set amount of time before your trial expires. As far as the game goes I actually had my eye on it a while back. I wonder hows it been going these past months. I would like to get a trial key if I may.


it’s a seven days trial, pretty sure you have the full game for 7 days and then have the option to buy it if you want to continue your game

mping you right now with the key


Thanks @bellegueule


it’s a seven day full access pass