Alans Colon Morons

Yep you read that right…and whilst Aliens Colonial Marines was a terrible game, I know that for some the draw of the franchise was just too strong (no names mentioned). For those unlucky few there’s a small ray of sunshine. Seems that there was a typo in the games’ .ini file which seems to have an effect upon the Aliens AI. It doesn’t suddenly make the game great or anything, but it certainly seems to have an improvement, making the Aliens a little bit less stupid.

According to jamesdickinson963’s post, the reason for the poor choices made by the AI are because a line crucial to the operation of enemy AI is misspelled. The line:

ClassRemapping=PecanGame.PecanSeqAct_AttachXenoToTether → PecanGame.PecanSeqAct_AttachPawnToTeather

“Teather” here should be spelled as “tether,” as it is in many lines of code at the same location in the file, and the implications of the misspelling are significant.

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Yep, all it takes is one line. On my own keyboard, the E key likes to double press, too. One letter can make all the difference sometimes.

I find it kind of insane how many Youtubers are just using this to jump on Gearbox, though. We have no idea WHERE the error happened (it could very well have been under TimeGate Studios and, since it never caused issues in dev builds, it was never fixed). If you think about it, this kind of problem is bound to happen with a game that changed hands in development when it was already a mess.

When Darksiders Warmastered released, it ran at 4 FPS on my computer. It was a single line of code that brought the game from 1440p, 100 FPS to 640x480, 4 FPS with no in-between. Sure enough, a patch that was only a few MB’s in size managed to completely fix everything.


woah, thats insane


Welcome to coding! Where a single typo can drastically change the way your game plays!


and now they created a whole new job listing for making sure it neeeeever happens again.