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Aide moi :(


Bonjour je suis nouvelle du coup je connais pas grand chose sur se site qui peux me donner des conseille svp merci beaucoup a se qu’il le font :wink:



Bonjour, bienvenue, cliquez la piece jaune sur


It’s English forum… french person.


pas compris sorry


Donde esta la bibliothequa, por favor?


You will need to have a registered account first on the site, where @M00 pointed:

Then you will see a yellow coin thing next to the button to buy the daily deal.

After that, you click it, and you can check back every day, when the deal refreshes, so that you can get more coins.

You will have additional coins on Day 3, 7, 14, and 30 from bonus chests. After 30, the spins reset back to 1, and you restart. Once you accumulate enough coins, you will be able to purchase games for free (with shiny yellow Chrono coins, but not your wallet) from the coin shop.

Good luck!

And as @onLooSe said, this site is English, so don’t be alarmed if you get ignored for posting in other languages…


Merci beaucoup t’es grave sympa :wink: