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Age of Wonders III it´s free on steam!


Hey, guys, how are you? :blush:

Age of Wonders III is free for steam (take it and it’s yours forever), it was free for the Humble Bundle some time ago, so most Chronies should already have it.

But if someone did not get it that time or have a friend who does not have the game, this is an excellent opportunity :yum:

Edit: Here is the link :3


Thanks for the heads-up, it was on my ignored list, but I don’t mind giving it a shot if it’s for free :smile:


Definitely something to try, it’s free for a few days b/c of their new game, and if you play it during this time, you also get a discount on the new game, which is nice:



We have a saying in Brazil:

“If it’s free, we’ll take it even if it’s an injection to the forehead.”

(De graça até injeção na testa.)

Thanks for the head’s up, fellow Brazilian! :yellow_heart: :green_heart:


Free botox? Where do I sign up? :rofl:


Oh great, 10% off the 90€ edition preorder, how nice of them.


10%-off sales are a joke where I live. Sales tax is 13% so you still pay more than the sticker price at the register. What kind of sale is that? Pfff.

Free Age of Wonders III though… :clap:


I got it for free last time, so this is a surprise. They are really trying to hype up the upcoming game I guess. Agree that 10% is no big deal with sales tax, etc.


lmao I didn’t notice that there was an upcoming game, I just added it to my library with absolute tunnel vision :joy:


Age of Wonders has always been in my Never Touched category :man_shrugging: