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Age of Wonders III Free on Humble Bundle (48 hours or until out)


get it if it’s something you want.

Age of Wonders III it´s free on steam!

Now this…this is good!


Oh great, Humble is doing stamp collection again.
Can’t wait to not get what they’re offering one more time.

oh… it gets better, it’s humble monthly coupons. Because I wanted your year for $99 deal ever other time it’s been offered without having to jump through hoops to collect your wonky stamp bs.

You even have to make a purchase to start it, how wonderful.


Thanks for the heads up. Will be sure to pick it up today.


I already have the game so here you go: 37IQC-K4VHV-K?2T2 ? = First letter of my username.


Neato. I already own it because of a bundle, but I’m gonna pass it along.


Got the game before a solid 30 minutes before I got the email from Humble Bundle about it. Lulz.




i’m not eve seeing the stamp collection event thingy
you mean i actually have to accidentally buy something to even be aware the even it active ? … o.0
(and hoooooly sht is their frontpage completely messed up, what’s with those ginormous boxes :dizzy_face:)


Not see the Stamp thing either lol, what gives? shrug

Nice looking game though - didn’t have it.


Click on the “spring sale” banner to access the stamp collecting.


point being, that banner wasn’t working there for me, 0 mentions of stamps, the spring banner only took me to the sale page again
the direct link i can use tho
edit, and seems the spring banner redirects to the stamp page now for me too and not just circles back to the sales (and seems front page is working proper now too, no page sized giant boxes o.0)
and wow… fn paid stamp discounts only applies to new monthly subs… way to shaft people that has been subbing for ages or even just “accidentally subbed one time before” :+1: