adding VR games to deals/coin shop?

recently got VR a few months ago and was wondering if you guys would maybe think about adding VR games to daily deals or the coin shop :slight_smile:

you are almost alone wt that is my guess :sweat_smile:

We’ve done a handful of VR games for the daily deal, but we’re pretty hesitant to do them often or in the shop since the userbase is so small. Not to say that they won’t happen, but they’ll likely be pretty rare.

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Unfortunately, I think “VR Supported” is the best anyone can offer right now. Having VR-exclusives would basically cut out >95% (hypothetical number with no proof whatsoever) of Chrono’s userbase.

I would be interested in VR games myself but then I’m pretty interested in many games

I’d be interested in buying a VR headset for Chrono coins… :rofl: I’ll start saving them now and maybe by the time VR becomes mainstream i’ll have enough coins to buy it!


rip lol