Adding 21:9 Information to the deal page

I was scrolling through Slime Sam which has the four “Badges” Action Platformer, Unique Aesthetic, Great Mechanics and Controller Support, under that it lists how many hours the game estimably lasts, what It has for SP/MP, what OS’s it plays on and what platform uses the key accordingly, is there any chance among that line you could Include if it’s Ultrawide supported or at all if partially?

I’ll admit it’s with a little bit of laziness that I recommend this, but also because with the lesser known games sometimes you can’t even find an answer online from the dev or players, buying a game without being able to know, then having to deal with the 2 black pillars of death after biting the bullet hurts.

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sry to be one chiming in, and sry to be doing it here
but i feel it needs to be said (in someone’s/whoever’s defence), as i’m seeing a lot of “issues” related to 21:9, or rather their users, pop op again and again all over games forums

please stop asking, much less demanding, special treatment for your chosen format, (it’s sorta like when linux get all mopy about publishers choosing not to bite the economic bullet and not supporting it),
you have chosen to use a non standardized format (perhaps one day it will be, glory to the masters), but as of now less than 2% of people use it, yet are up in arms, when old gets re-released, remasters, or new that doesn’t support it,
well it shouldn’t come as a “given” it would be so automatically, as it’s non standard, and highly uncommon in the user base, so whenever it is supported, take it as the extra luxury it is and praise the extra crumb that was given by the maker, instead of thinking it would or should be naturally so and of course much less out right demand it.

so if we take that cookie and digest it, and go to the whole marketing aspect, would it be helpful and nice if titles had a neat little “4k ready” or even “UW” (no 21:9 is not the same as regular 4k, despite many users mistakenly thinks so for some reason), yes, ye it would be nice and polite and handy for the consumer,
however, you must also realize, starting to cater to such miniscule minority (sry but fact remains still are), could lead people to the automatic disregard of a title whenever it doesn’t have that resolution checkbox,
which would be bad. Since customers got accustom to seeing that mark, if they don’t see it, habitual/instinctual bias could then reduce sales, if the standard didn’t change or publishers didn’t think it worthwhile to directly spend the crumb effort to cater to the 1%ers, as many would stop consciously weighing pros and cons “does this title have enough worth for me without the 21:9” (i already know a couple of people that instantly refund games if 21:9 isn’t included from day 1 as their snobbyness and entitlement is that huge, bayonetta is one such example which was mind baffling for me)

anyways, you are asking chrono to do more of your legwork for you, legwork which mind you most(if any stores) already don’t provide, as it’s still such a non standard it should be a non issue
now if a game didn’t support 16:9 that might be considered noteworthy, but since older titles logically don’t natively support that format, it to most people is as such a non issue
so why make this out to be?
why do so many 21:9 ask for special treatment or even want it, are 21:9 users just that special?

i get the black box pillar annoyance trust me, but you chose to go with a not yet standard/popular resolution, so kinda have to accept what can come with it.

We’re looking at some front page redesigns that will feature more info about the game. We’ll definitely keep this in mind! :slight_smile:


Yes, I am Indeed a spoiled man brat, Infamous neo-nazi (sieg heil) whom also happens to worship the devil.

No but seriously, point on the teddy bear - where did the ultrawide monitor touch you?

Believe it or not this forum tab is for site feedback, every single post here is going to be read with a grain of salt by the chrono gg staff and they’re either going to A) Take it into consideration and implement said suggested Idea. B) Think about suggested Idea, and decide for whatever reason, circumstance or anything else they could possibly want to - go ahead and disregard it. There’s no reason anyone can’t post anything on their mind on which they think would be an improvement/beneficial change.

You seem to think 21:9 is some sort of “mystical” aspect ratio in which only one game every blue moon will be supported by it, that’s just plain false. It’s not like every game under the sun supports it but more and more games are supporting it, and more and more people are buying ultrawides. hell, I’ve had multiple games the past 4 months give an update that push out 21:9 Support.

I’m not looking for special attention, I’m not looking to give the Idea of “You absolutely need an UW monitor or you’re not doing it right” I asked/suggested once, I’m not sure If I’m the straw that broke the camels back for you but I find it very unfair for you to insult me for simply asking not “demanding” an implementation.

Anyway, I hope you’re able to have a nicer day today.


Thanks! much appreciated!