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Add PC Building Simulator to the Coin Shop


I would like to have this game since im a fan of PCs. I would like to use my knowledge because I might end like that when I get a PC fixing job in some years.


You could also, you know, just buy it.


Yes but its better if they add it to the coin shop


I’d like them to add DMC5 to the coin shop because I might be a half-devil demon slayer someday.


Clicking coins is a hard ,full time job and we should get what we want for it!!!


I would like to have PC Destroying Simulator since I despise PCs. I would like to use my knowledge because I might end like that when I get a PC smashing job in some years.


I for one, welcome our PC overlords…


Keep the dream alive. Preach.


I would like to have Beholder 2 since im a fan of my Prime Minister. I would like to use my knowledge because I might end like that when I climb up the political ladder in a totalitarian State.


I’d like Mac building simulator because I worship the cult of apple


Well sucks to be you all, myself I’ve already gotten Dead in Bermuda, Convoy, Seeds of Resilience and NEO Scavanger so I’m all set for everything I need to learn for the path my career prospects seems set on.


those who got all those poop games are probably getting second thoughts by now


PC Building Simulator on the coin shop for you Sir? No problem that’ll be 4,000,000 chrono coins please.


I dunno, they’ll need something to do with all that poop once they run out of toilet paper.


I know in this case PC refers to Personal Computer, but wouldn’t it be funny if “PC” meant Political Correctness? A “Political Correctness” Building Simulator game kinda sounds amusing



@DontBeSilly, @Fraggles You guys need to collab on this, haha!


Haha,i’m a silly sloth, i do not get why me and frags and why political corectness :smiley:


@DontBeSilly Just my weird connective mind malfunctioning as usual, lol. You were the one that was gonna use pre-made assets, from a game maker bundle, to make one of those asset flip games on Steam that people put up for the quick dollars. You were joking though :wink:

Frags tends to say whatever he wants in the way he means it. :heart: Somehow the juxtaposition of you two make a Political Correctness game seemed right and hilarious to me.

In short, I am a nutty squirrel, :sweat_smile:


I was talking about making an asset flip of some of the free asset giveaways on Itch or something the other month. Not sure if @DontBeSilly had similar ideas though.


Ah yes, our sloth might have been too, idk :blush: