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Add more games to the shop -.-


I see the same two games now for over 2 months -.- I thought you add more games every 2 weeks O.o

Coin-shop needs games

You need to check more often, games were added and sold out.


They do.


Check the shop every other friday. (So the friday two weeks from now) An hour or two after the daily deal has arrived, is usually the time to check.


I’m not sure how, but somehow you missed 4 different additions of games to the coin shop. I’d sign up for notifications on the site and on twitter and hopefully next time you won’t miss it!

Actually, @marsHm311oW is there some reason you are unable to check the site during the period when the new coin shop games go live? You’ve already made a somewhat similar thread here: Countdown for the Coin Shop


There were new ones there as people said lol scroll down and you will see which ones sold out. both the new ones were sold out by saturday. In fact one of them was gone before I realised.

I think the new notifier stopped working so you have to check manually every two weeks on the friday now.
Keep saving your coins something good should come up.


There’s something really funny about this, and hopefully I won’t face punitive action for the reveal, but much as many forums have sections that are only visible to certain members (eg. mod and admin areas, for sale section, etc…) don’t you think it’s possible that there are actually more active games but you just can’t see them because you don’t meet the pre-requisites?

You see, Chrono wants an active forum to promote itself, and it’s a bit of a reward for long-serving and active members in good standing that we’re able to view some alternative deals. The reason that this seems to have gone unnoticed so far is that so few people are active here in relation to other larger forums…accumulate a healthy post count, get a score of badges or more and perhaps you’d be happier?

Or perhaps I’m just making it all up? Let’s just say that a game that gets removed from the shop page when it appears there are copies remaining has to go somewhere… :wink:


y, i have exactly 114 games on my coin shop page; it’s great, i just wish i had more coins to spend on all those games


Really? 114?


I wouldn’t trust the cow on this one… @M00 can be…

A bit mad sometimes.

You might Say:

They are MOO’sleading you.

Drat, that makes it sound like @M00 is using a moose username. and I don’t have the intelligence to make anything more clever.

Basically, the cow is just lightly trolling.


I feel like that‘s how it should work.

But imagine a subforum where giveaways are posted and only regulars had access. The forum would be overwhelmed with people eager to talk about anything!



I’m actually saying the truth on this one guys:


Wow, 114 games. It’s great for you, but for us it feel a bit unfair.


I believe he is including games that are currently sold out… Hence… the madness.


As @hivefleetbothan said he is including sold out games, buuuuuuuut let‘s assume the entire scenario was real and that active users had access to more games and that it would be unfair to you.
It would be equal opportunity for something that is already free to access and I don‘t like the mentality that people think they are owed shit, especially when it‘s free and wouldn‘t be there in the first place if Chrono wasn‘t so kind.
That‘s all I have to say. 🥴



i was merely going along btw, lol, so not my madness in this case


NGL I haven’t even seen new games until they’re sold out for a few weeks now, I never knew the exact day to check and I’ll probably forget it again anyway haha.

so how does one turn on notifications? I just looked on the site and couldn’t see anything :confused:

I used use this (anyone who wonders how I got this link I’ve had it saved since I used to be on the discord all the time xD) but err… I forgot it was even a thing and forgot it was in my bookmarks xD guess I need to put it to start on loadup? xD


Go take a look at the current hot topics there at the moment…that’s basically what it looks like now! It’s why I championed manual promotion in that Suggestion topic.


I think all coin shop games and forum giveaways should remain open for all users forever – with whatever exceptions a donor makes in their forum giveaway post.

After all, that’s why we have different prices for different coin shop games. To me, that’s enough of a ‘countermeasure’.

Additionally, I’m not sure if I’m being pessimistic, but making certain coin shop games available only to active forum members sounds like a good way of kickstarting a circlejerk.

Y’all have a special place in my heart, but my heart is big and it’s open to new members that feel like they belong straight from day one.

Just my two cents! Have a nice Sunday :blush:


Side note out of nowhere… Steam Chrono notifier is dead… i went to his funeral and saw nobody there… i guess i was his only true friend… we played together who can idle more. He got me each time… i felt in love with his sister but when he passed away, i couldn t look in her eyes again. Chrono steam notifier was a good man. He ll forever be remembered each time my alarm sounds on 6pm. May his cyber soul RIP