Add info about what your model is

I sent a link to Chrono to a bunch of friends. One friend said, “What’s so special about Chrono, it looks like they’re just selling their game?” They misunderstood your model, partly because it wasn’t clear to them what your model is. They thought you were the game publisher. I’d recommend adding a section at the top of your home page for logged-out users that says something like “Chrono sells a different video game every day at an insanely low price”. Maybe couple this with an email signup form, per my other ticket.


Hey Chris, thanks for stopping by. :slightly_smiling:

That’s not a bad idea at all, we’ll keep that in mind!

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Sounds good. Here’s a screenshot of Groupon. Note that they have the email signup at top, the words “Daily Deal”, and a link at top that says “How It works”. While not your guys’ style, I think something like this would help clarify to new customers or media what your model is.


Thanks Chris, the example is really helpful. We’ll continue to think about the best way to do something like that.