Add email signup

Add an email signup form. Since I signed up pre-launch, I get your daily emails, but it doesn’t appear there’s a way to get your daily email now that you’ve launched (other than buying today’s game). I’d recommend making a very visible “Find out about our daily deals” email signup field.


Hey Chris,

Totally agree. We had actually planned to do that at launch, but I wasn’t happy with Mailchimp’s default sign-up layout. I’m going to look more into this soon.

I’d like this feature two - a simple “Receive daily deal emails” checkbox under account settings would suffice.
When I signed up I opted out of daily emails, but after watching the deals for a few days I changed my mind … but it seems there’s no way to opt back in.

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We’re working on this right now! I’ll update this thread when it’s live. :slight_smile:

It’s live! We’ve added a toggle under account settings to subscribe or unsubscribe from the daily emails. Let us know if you run into any bugs!

It isn’t working for me. Gets stuck trying to determine my status.


Thanks, we’re looking into it!

Hey @chraffx!

Would you mind refreshing, logging out, logging back in, and trying one more time?


It worked that time. Cheers guys :smile: