Add Bug butcher to the coin shop again!

I’ve finally farmed enough coins to get the game and now it’s over -_- Please bring it back!

It’s been over for a long time now…


I couldn’t resist…

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I know that! But I have only got enough just 2 days ago. Smh

Yeah, I feel you. Just when I was about to get me some Crystal Pepsi in the grocery store they told me it was discontinued in 1993! But I wanted to try it now. Smh.


Joke’s on you coz they still have some in store on the internet’s. Quit playing with my feelings and gift me a key already.

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Uh, so while collecting all those coins, you missed the week-long give away for a bug butcher key? Or did you just choose not to enter?

Didn’t know that. Missed.