Add a flag emote to the first post

It’s been a couple of free game that i see people having trouble redeem and though that it could be useful to be able to tag a post with our country flag (either normal flag if it works or Crossed flag if you were not able to get it)

it could work a bit like the “like” button but on press it would open a list with a search box were you can enter your country and select the working and not flag

could look something like that


I fail to see the purpose of this. Why would I want to tag a post with which country I am in? Also the system as you suggest it doesn’t sound any faster or easier to use than simply typing it into the post itself.


why not just use an emote? :australia:


so other people can see in a split second that the game is redeemable from X country.
and even if you the poster doesn’t want to tag itself… other user could flag their country and leave a like instead of commenting

because other use cannot edit a post they did not created, and posting a comment with a flag is the same as just saying “worked in canada” it doesn’t change the fact that you need to check the comment


I can see where you’re coming from but I have mixed feelings about your suggestion because:

  1. Chrono and the Chrono forums have loads of things to fix/improve that they haven’t gotten around to and I feel flags would just get thrown in a backlog;

  2. We could just use flag emojis like Pete suggested and

  3. The deals posted usually already have redeem region information provided by the websites/devs/etc themselves on their website.

One thing I feel is part of “forum etiquette” that we don’t always do when posting deals is informing on the title itself which region the deal applies to when it’s not global. Ex:

“[EU/USA] Humble Bundle 50% discount coupon for There’s Poop in My Soup”

Maybe we could remind people to do that or feel comfortable enough about editing each other’s titles when such is the case. Saves time. @delenn13 adds that info to her post titles, as far as I can remember.

Anyways good suggestion but I’m not sure how useful it would be :hugs:


Don’t feel it tho… Beside region restriction was never an issue… VPNs do wonders…

Well the info are usually around… Either in the site or in the comments so a flag might not matter that much… beside adding a bunch of flags is distracting tbh…

Secon… wait Third that lol… even if others can’t edit the post the OP can…