Activision Removing DEADPOOL from Stores Nov 16!

Since somebody already rang the town bells on this one, ignore the first bit of this post.

Last chance to buy Deadpool: The Game. Its humor isn’t for everyone, but mechanically it’s High Moon Studios’ swansong and a fantastic hack-and-slash. Currently on sale for $12 or 70% off (Activision prices be like), this game will be removed from stores two days from now.

Personally, I’m kind of annoyed by this. It’s not this game in particular, but the fact that Activision lets many of their games disappear from digital stores simply because they won’t renew the licenses. It means that many great games, such as all the old Spider Man titles, have been wiped off the face of the planet because of apathy. Just a few months ago, Shattered Dimensions saw its last days, and even Alan Wake has been removed entirely due to music licenses lapsing. This also contributes to every backwards compatibility effort like the one at Microsoft feeling a bit empty on the inside, since chances are at least one of your favorite titles sank into legal hell.

Alright, venting over. Any thoughts on this topic, or particular titles you wish came back? Personally, I’m waiting for Alan Wake to return to stores as expired music licenses basically made one of my favorite games of all time impossible to gift, with the exception of tracking down an Xbox 360 copy for backwards compatibility. I’m also still looking for Severence: Blade of Darkness, a badass hidden classic on GOG that disappeared due to Codemasters losing the rights HOURS before I planned on buying it. -_-


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personally i feel the whole “license thingy” is bs in the gaming industry, not like movies get pulled from sales because their music license expired (tho granted most only use snippets that don’t require full license)
imo, the industry should lobby/make it legally viable to retain rights to previous license works made, and license expiration only bars new entries from being made, it’s american perpetual greed bs at it’s finest in these cases,
-make a better royalty deal incorporated with your licensing if you’re that upset about not getting paid “enough” in perpetuity

Crap, did someone beat me to it? I was going to post this a few days ago, but I’ve been a bit occupied for the last few days. Rest assured that when I was originally going to post this, it was the first. :wink:

That said, I’ll edit it to focus more on the discussion bit.