Achievements hunter

you are a people play games one time or completist people?


Well, If I already finish a game HARDLY I’ll play it again, but this applies to story-driven games or if the game is too big (GTA: San Andreas, TES series), unless if it has mods, DLC, or any stuff that change the game, for example, Mount & Blade: Warband, I expend if not more, my entire adolescence playing it, but now I don’t have too much motivation to play it again in its base form, and no, I don’t care too much about achievements.


I like to complete some quick and easy achievements after I complete a game. But in like VVVVVV I was happy from getting just the achievement for completing it, it was so so hard xD


Whew. Achievement hunting is something I did a long long time ago. It felt like you were competing against yourself and the world.

Today, it depends on the type of game. For normal games, the story or experiencing the game is good enough. The last exception where I continued playing the game even after I did everything was Zelda Breath of the Wild and there weren’t any achievements. But if there were? I would! Maybe that is why I really enjoy strategy games. Replayability + fun gameplay makes me try all sorts of things. But the achievements I get are more like easter eggs because I unlock them…and I didn’t know it was there.

But I definitely finish normal games I start. The game will have to be so bad or frustrating to make me quit it.


Really don’t like insane achievements like Trash Magnate (Sell 50,000 items) from Torchlight II. It’ll take years :heart_eyes: