About Us, Team, Location.

Some information I think would be nice is an About Us or a Team page. I realize you want it to be about the deals and not about the team making the deals I respect that. However a contact page or other information about the company is helpful. It makes you seem more reputable, and helps ease nerves.

Secondary information such as where you are based out of would be great. This gives information such as am I going to have an exchange rate, am I going to have exchange fees, am I going to have sales tax on a purchase? I made a purchase and was really surprised to not be charged sales tax, I had no idea where the company is based out of so not having sales tax was a great thing but I was fully expecting to have to pay it.

These are just my thoughts for making people more comfortable using the website.


That’s a great suggestion cloudwolf! We’re actually in the middle of making one right now. We should have it up in a few days. :slightly_smiling:

As for where we’re located, we’re based in Alabama in the US. So, depending on your bank and location, you may be charged exchange rate fees by your bank.

I used to live in Montgomery!


Nice! Most of us are transplants to Alabama, but it’s been our home for the last 3 years.