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Talk about games and why the one you like is better.

Well, great topic to start off. I like Skyrim because it mixes the RPG elements with the FPS and the gameplay, the storyline... Its just magnificent. Now you're gonna say''But Witcher's one quest is as big as the main quest of Skyrim.'' which is true but the things you could do is just great. the possibilities of enchantments are very big as well as alchemy.
Second point on this game is modding. The mod sites for Skyrim are flooding with very different and very useful mods that you cant find on any other game. Weapon modes add so many different weapons to use and discover. You can be Predetor and go on a rampage. You can do drugs.(Yes there is acctually a drugs mod.)
 To conclude, Its a game which even if you finish the main questline and side quests you can add more in the game and enjoy every bit of it.