About the Game Hole

What happens when the Game Hole fills up?


The Game Hole is never full.


tsk tsk tsk, Game Hole is all a ploy to be disguised as an actual april fools joke with a purpose, when in reality it’s all a ruse to get Ionin free games from generous, good hearted people. SHAME.


Getting so many Steam levels off this.


Keyboard not found? What if I want to put in more keys?

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i actually put a key, a shitty one but still <.<

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me too

lonin confirmed as fartlord.

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An offering to the gods. The Gods of Offering-Up-Dank-Discounts-Errehday

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I just entered one of my unused steam keys into that hole .
does that mean i’m a plum ,a donut ,a plank ?

I typed in random letters and numbers, and it said I fed the game hole.

Just placed two Deadbreed keys. Hahahahaha.

I fed it a key for Bad Rats and I think it died

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After putting in 2 times random letters, I placed a real key in there.

It didn’t distinguish.

I fed the black hole the key “Kappa-Kappa-SMorc” and it happily accepted it

Well if you want to, you can give me free game keys :stuck_out_tongue:

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