About coins

I think the coin system is good but we can improve it in a lot of ways
There are a lot of people that have over 10k coins with nothing to spend on
and sometimes it would be nice to get something else(not coins)
I thought The Black Friday deal was really good but there is nothing new for veterans of this site that have a lot of coins

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It all just depends on the coin shop deals. In the past we have had 10k and I think there may have been a 20k coin game. We had a special event recently where Dead Cells popped up for 40K coins. So it does happen sometimes, but if it was too often we’d all run out of coins.


Apart from the Dead Cells we had, if you have more coins you can keep picking up the coin shop games every time they pop up! Veterans get a lot.

The question is what do you specifically want/think would be good to improve the coin system.


We’ve been seeing higher quality and higher prices pop up. I think Chrono is well aware of how many coins are in rotation and adjust the shop accordingly. Now don’t forget it’s all free, so obviously there won’t be new, high-end releases, but I am very satisfied with purchases like Golf it, Heroes of Hammerwatch and the like.

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I’m not complaining about the games you can buy with Coins
i think you have a very good point but my point of view is that the only thing for veterans that was on this website is Dead cells and i think a lot of people like but there are people that don’t

I get what you mean, but a game like Dead Cells is a one-off thing, wiesz? I can’t remember what it was exactly, but it was done for a special occasion, plus it was a very, very limited quantity of keys. It’s just speculation, but the Coin Shop works on a promotional basis and developers provide these keys for free. On that note, you won’t get games like Dead Cells every week, because why would a developer hand out keys for games that sell as they are?

didn’t one of the honchos let it slip at one time, that most of the time chrono buys the coinshop games from the devs, and not free? :thinking:


Well, that would be a even greater argument that the shop is fine as is. :smiley:
I assumed that this was the case with Dead Cells or Heroes of Hammerwatch, but I thought the smaller games were handled on a handshake basis.


can’t say, would “assume” some of them were too, like mp stuff, or maybe poop? :thinking: (oh please tell me they didn’t swap actual gold for poop!? :scream::dizzy_face:)
But idono might be less “actual freebies” than we think (one way around or the other) :blush: