About braking steaks

Would you ever consider changing daily steak to last whole day ( 00:00-24:00) rather than using sales timer.I just missed my 12th day streak because I was 15 minutes late.I understand if you can’t change it but it would be quality life improvement for everyone.Anyway I also want to thank you for all your hard work and also for introducing me to amazing games everyday.

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Sorry you missed your streak! :frowning:

We made the daily reward/streak fit to the sale for several reasons, but a big one is that everyone’s day (00:00-24:00) is different depending on the timezone you’re in. It’s still a 24-hour period, we just wanted it to be the same 24-hour period for everyone, regardless of where you lived. Otherwise it gets weird and complicated really fast.

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I already knew what you would probably say but whatever I’m still grateful for basically free
games :slight_smile:
I came off probably a bit bitter because lately it seams I miss everything in my life by a margin
Sorry for unnecessary inconvenience and waste of time
Continue good work :grinning: