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A Story About My Uncle free on Humble Bundle [Ended]


Be fast about this, because I don’t know for how long the keys will last this time :smiley:

The redemption deadline is January 17th, 2019 @ 10:00 am Pacific. You have 6 days left!

A Story about My Uncle free now on Steam for 3 days

Thanks for letting us know—I’ve had it on my wishlist for a while, and would have missed it without you :slight_smile:


Its a super good game, I played it a few years ago and its worth a few hours of your time to finish it


It’s a fun game, very jank but still fun.


If that’s indeed the description of jank… I for sure have troubles understanding why would you even say that :slight_smile:


It’s not an insult just me saying it’s not perfectly polished. All models look just horrifying and the game was very unclear in what it wanted you to do at times.
The general gameplay was fun though which is obviously the most important part.

It has also been at least 4 years since I played it so a lot could’ve changed.


you dont like the models? :disappointed_relieved:


I can’t say I do. But it’s rare to even see anyone in this game, it’s mostly just the blue cave girl.


You dont even like the elder guy with a face that screams be my friend.