A request of the classical music afficionados

I’m trying to figure out the tune from the Organ music in Pyre Original Soundtrack - The Old Ways - YouTube

I’ve definitely heard this tune before, most recently I think on some British documentary a few years ago… so I suspect it’s some classical piece. If anyone recognizes it, could you please let me know? I didn’t have any luck with Shazam using the above linked music.


Shazam sucks absolutely. Unfortunately I only know a very few classical pieces.


Not a classical music officiado here but I am an enjoyer of Supergiant Games’ work. I am pretty sure that generally their music is done in house and is original. Maybe it’s based off of some classical piece or sounds similar to one so hopefully if it is someone else can shed some light on it for you.

EDIT: Here is an article with the composer about the composition of the Pyre soundtrack (and other games in the Supergiant Games’ catalogue)

He did the stuff for Hades as well (I believe) which I really enjoyed


Yes, Darren Korb has done all of their game music and is amazing. That piece overall is his own work but that specific tune is not original; I had also assumed it was until I heard it elsewhere (on its own, not as part of Korb’s composition). I don’t consider this a ding against Korb; indeed the purpose of this piece of music is to bring the feeling of being in an old cathedral, so it makes sense to draw on existing work that has been used in that context.

When my wife gets back in country I’ll see if she can remember the documentary we’d heard it from. Something about queens and naval victories, but that doesn’t narrow it down much as far as British history goes…


If you’re certain that you are looking for something that is directly the same then it doesn’t ring any obvious bells for me. It wouldn’t be any of the more mainstream famous pieces I assume. But the progressions isn’t uncommon and features in many works in some manner.

Is the first one I thought of as it features the progression in both inverted form at the start and from around 2 minutes and Korb’s form at around 6:25 among other places. Though unlikely the piece you were looking for, it’s still a great piece of organ music so I wont pass up the chance to share it.


My first thought is Couperin:

It also reminds me of some other piece, but i struggle to pin-point what.


Holy bananas, the madman is practically dancing with his feet while his hands work their own magic. I bet he could brush his teeth with one hand, file his taxes with the other, and ride two unicycles at the same time.

Incidentally, I have no musical training or known ability, but I just ordered my first digital piano because I’d like to learn. Can only hope to get a fraction of that skill.


I haven’t a clue. I watch a lot of documentaries too but it doesn’t sound familiar. Sorry. :thinking:

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