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A Pokémon Thread




Nintendo business practice personally seen as unethical.


I do not follow you logic here. The game was immensely popular, popularity grew for every new iteration. I can not see how sales numbers supposedly indicate that everyone bought 3 copies of the game. In fact if what you’re suggesting is that the sales numbers stayed the same despite the addition of a 3rd version when previous generations had only 2 then that would rather suggest that people were indeed only buying 1 copy, other wise sales figures would have had to rise by a third to indicate that everyone previously bought 2 copies and now 3.

Yeah they really very much totally did. Groups of friends would talk about which version they wanted to buy and make sure that not everyone bought the same one. Some times unfortunately to the point where they’d peer pressure the less popular kids to get the less popular version.

Even today with the last release of the game I’ve heard popular streamer and youtuber groups talk along the same lines on podcasts and the like.


Hmmm. I don’t intend to argue in what I expected to be a pokemon first experience thread. I’ll edit my previous posts.


You’re well entitled to your own opinion, no need to edit everything. I definitely disagree however. The versions are as @joxter and @Fraggles said to encourage trading with friends (no one I knew as a kid had more than 1 of each generation). I have a ton of issues with Nintendo, especially nowadays but that ain’t one.