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A new way to check Youtube


Many times I can never find game reviews or videos I want to see on Youtube. I would go through my subscriptions and check out every gaming channel to see what they have.

But now, thanks to the Alphabet & Youtube doing things to their algorithm, I read of people who complained enough and had a solution.

I wish I knew about this link. I bookmarked it. I get to see all the most recent uploads from my subscriptions. I might even make it my homepage.

I have 300+ subscriptions. I have no shortage of content, when beforehand I had to sift through the dirt to find something I was interested in.

If this is common knowledge, then sorry for being slow. But if not, I hope you are as excited as I am.


I wouldn’t really call that new, it’s been my default bookmark for I can’t even remember how many years. There was a time when your subscriptions was the default first page you reached, ever since they changed that this link has been what you needed to use.

Because the flow and polymer thing makes the old unsupported userscript “youtube center” function still.


Not sure if you know about it but there’s this really neat Chrome add-on… Trying to remember what it’s called but it lets you organize all your youtube subscriptions into groups and categories too, so I can easily check things I follow like gaming news, let’s plays, fitness, true crime, etc. It makes it really easy to see who has been uploading new content under each of my interests. It’s really helpful, you might want to check it out. Youtube Subscription(Collection) Manager
I have waaaaaaaaaaay less subscriptions than you and it was a lifesaver, you must feel overwhelmed.


it’s been my default bookmark for I can’t even remember how many years.

I guessed as much. So this can be for anyone like me that missed out.

it lets you organize all your youtube subscriptions into groups and categories too

I’ll check it out! What you are describing reminds me that Youtube had that function (or something very similar) built-in a long time ago. I only remember it because I spent several days sorting my subscriptions and I almost forgot about it.


y it’s my default YT page too, one of the pages that open each time i open my browser, as im not interested to see all the crap that YT wants to shove down my throat, so i just see whatever my subscriptions upload and pick and choose there


Surprisingly didn’t know about this, thank you.

For some reason I have ~680 subscriptions, pretty sure I don’t need all those… doing a little cleaning through by this feed. Cheers!


I see you folks don’t click every button there is to explore on the websites :thinking:
Like Fraggles, I’ve been using the sub feed for many years now. Just keep in mind that sometimes youtube will hide uploads, causing problems to uploader.

There’s also a dark theme provided now, no need to use extensions for that anymore, unless you prefer them over youtube’s default dark theme.


Youtube has a dark theme?


yup, just click on yr account initials up right and the option shows up

twitch does too btw, though not sure, think im using an extension for that


And my Youtube experience grew 3 sizes that day.


i still watch some YT, but honestly once i became accustomed to Twitch most stuff on YT became boring; live is where it’s at, but then after a while that becomes kinda boring too…


:notes: Hello darkness, my old friend… :notes:


I use YT for all my interests outside of gaming mostly, like true crime, creepy pasta, and scp.


Hey there! Hey you, yes you… Do you know about Twitch Prime? Oh! You may be asking, “What’s Twitch Prime?” Let me tell ya! When you connect your Amazon account to your Twitch account, you can get 1 free sub to ANY streamer on Twitch, every month! Yup you heard me right, not only that but…

Yea once I discovered Twitch and the individual streamer communities, YouTube became so… banal. Honestly if I am not watching something on Netflix (Hulu, Prime, etc.), I am on Twitch. I might watch YT between 13 -15+/- minutes every day or so. Depending on life and work OFC.


A YouTube Channel’s URL also functions as an RSS feed that lists the channel uploads. You can use an online feed reader service like Feedly to import your channel subscriptions and see what’s new that way without getting recommended clickbait videos by YouTube. Google’s brief YouTube RSS support page tells you how to grab an OPML file with all your YT subscriptions that can be used to import them all right back into Feedly or another reader.


Can you recommend any true crime channels?

If you like that sort of thing, I strongly recommend LEMMiNO, if you don’t watch him already.


@coralinecastell If you can get past his horrible intonation when he speaks Criminally Listed is very good.


Hold up, you never knew that youtube had the Subscriptions button? I’ve been using that since i made an account on youtube. well here is another thing that might be helpful if you don’t know this already but youtube has a playlist feature called Watch Later so if you find videos you want to watch but don’t have the time to do so just click : save on the video you want and a drop down menu will show to add to playlist. and you can find the playlist here.


That’s how you get yourself a virus.

I use YouTube for music, keeping up with tech news, Zero Punctuation, and Last week with John Oliver.


I mean the website actual buttons, not random ad-scam obvious ones, LUL
How old are you on the internet? :rofl: