A New Decade is Upon Us

As the 2010s come to a close, I think it will be interesting to see what we have come to appreciate and accomplished on what we have done. I know all I’ve been doing is making off topic posts but I usually like doing these as it gives another insight of the community that isn’t just about games. It’d be interesting to see what you guys will take away from the decade, perhaps gaming related or not. It can be a simple event that turned into something unforgettable, an accomplishment for a huge task or whatever. Sadly mine isn’t super gaming related but it will not be an unforgettable decade for myself.

  • I was able to experience the rise of affordability of gaming titles, at least on PC. The deals are pretty cool and as someone who doesn’t like spending much money on entertainment, this is really great. (yeah it’s a weak point to start on but it will get more interesting later on hopefully)
  • Getting to perform with the choir for a few years help me to boost confidence somewhat as well as a little bit of discipline. It wasn’t a super long tenure but it was a really fun and unforgettable time for myself.
  • Helping out to start an event taught me some management skills and gave me insight on how events like these are run (well at least I hope so)
  • Gained my love for pop culture in general from video games, cartoons and movies. Also beginning to gain an appreciation for musicals somewhat, though the ticket prices are a pain.
  • Finally learned how to swim (well, not great but getting the hang of it)
  • Went outside to cave and forest trekking a few times (with a guide of course, but still it was a load of fun despite the amount of dirt it caused for the former especially)
  • Didn’t fail my high school leaving exams (yeah that is important if you’re like me)
    So yeah, that was just a collection of my memories that has happened throughout this decade. Not a whole lot significant but it was still at least eventful somewhat. It would be really interesting to see what you guys have to say about this.

Hm. Nice idea. My memory is dodgy. Also don’t think I’ve accomplished things so much as started:

. Got severely ill, went through a major surgery, recovered physically.
. Began working actively on mental health issues with anxiety and depression, mainly
. Learned to forgive everyone who’s hurt me (except for one >>) and discern between people’s ignorance versus outright cruelty
. Came out of my shell somewhat, making a lot of friends here on Chrono and Facebook
. Got rid of toxic relationships or redefined how I reacted to others (family especially)
. Achieved my Associate Degree in Computer Science - make precious little use of it. I’d rather be a Linguist or something similar
. Became part of a research team, wrote an essay of a philosophical bent that was well received
. In liaison with the Commission of Pan African Affairs, we had workshops for children teaching them about African concepts, black heroes and inventors etc.
. Also did a quiz show, with the above, in which I was briefly ‘on tv’, doing the time keeper duty. I do love kids - especially when they can already talk, ha ha. Not as comfortable around babies.

Yea, most are not like really big accomplishments other than for me personally. I mean, they’re not really perceptible to most other people, but in the last few years at least, it’s something.

Other than that, I’ve tried a good few things that didn’t come to a successful finish, but were good learning experiences none the less.


November 30, 2017: Registered at Chrono forums.

Everything else became a blur, didn’t really matter any more.


I… uhmn, got old(er).

And played Witcher 3.


@YQMaoski, @Fraggles Both worthy things you’ve done. ^^


Mostly this has been a decade full of low-key bad news, but some big good things happened:

  • Did some travel (mainly to gather reference photos).
  • Started and finished a webcomic.
  • Started making games instead of just “hoping to get into making games”. I’ve only finished a few tiny games so far, but I’ve started work on something more substantial.
  • Got better at saying “no” to people. Suddenly I have more time for my own stuff.
  • Learned a new language and two new programming languages.
  • Made some good friends.

To quickly sum it up, started my teens in 2010, will end my teens in 2020.


here’s mine:

  • Survived 2012
  • Survived 2016
  • Gradumacated HS
  • Went to and gradumacated College
  • Got a full time job straight out of college
  • Went to the “100 YR anniversary of Boy Scouts” National Jamboree
  • Various other odds and ends stuff

Looking back, I can’t think of anything noteworthy I’ve accomplished. Getting into a good high school could be one, but I don’t think that holds as much volume. That being said, I would like to share some New Years Resolutions I have for 2020:

  • Explore the realm of filmmaking (practice as well!)
  • Volunteer more! Going to join my friend’s club that helps out less-fortunate people. It’s time to give back to the community.
  • Not fail physics. And geometry. And the rest of my classes.
  • Write and read more. I checked a book out before break hoping that I would read it but no. I got up to the first chapter and quit.

ending off with a cheesy one here

  • Be a better person.

alright people, have a great New Years!


Good luck in high school. You will persevere eventually, I know I did.


Well this year I moved back to the US from overseas, and I also graduated with a bachelors degree this last December!

Happy new year everybody!

Edit: for the decade, I got married, had two kids, went through college, and matured and grew a tremendous amount. I also joined Chrono and found a fantastic community to be apart of for many years.


A decade is a long time… cuz lots happened I hardly remember
Went through exams and then finished school finallyyy
Got a bachelors degree in geography
Got a masters degree in information technology
Got a job in software development
Played many many games, got using steam as well as nintendo stuff
Went some places
Made some new friends and lost some friends
Went through some bad and good times
Grew as a person
The olympics was held here in 2012
Got into new hobbies
Got into some accidents
Went to some new places
Learnt a lot

And im sure much more but yeah too much to list or remember


Oh geez… I prepared to say what I have achieved this last year… then realised y’all are talking about a decade.

10 years ago I was almost 14, just saying.

I’m pretty sure my fps aim (which is horrible) has got better since then :thinking:

Here’s to the (new) roaring 20’s!


I am just glad I made it :heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:

Because the alternative really sucks…