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A memorial to Coraline


She will be missed. RIP


So… I’ve been writing this message for about two weeks or so now and holding onto it for even longer. It took me a while to get this off my chest.

I may not be around Chrono much these days, but its community had a huge impact when I was going through a very tumultuous time in my life… just a buncha great people that got together, though not always in agreement, to talk vidyagames and whatever else. Coralinecastell was at the center of that.

I may not have ever known her on a personal level, but Carmela was… well, really, a one-of-a-kind person. She brought a real energy to this forum. Never hostile or uncivil, but whatever she brought up or joined in on, she brought a fiery passion and enthusiasm to it.

You really get to see a person’s true colors by disagreeing with them, and where Carmela was at odds, she was all the same-- a genuinely passionate person, ready to get fired up but never going on the offensive.

I can’t think of an internet forum I’ve really felt welcome to before Chrono, and whether it was a fiery rundown on translated works, the proclamation of her arrival via an ominous Elmo gif, an upbeat account of international travel, or a rebuttal declaring her unending hatred for the Deponia series, she brought a lot of positivity to this community that I desperately needed in my life.

I’ve never been good at expressing this kind of thing-- I’m far from a public speaker and my ability to communicate stops at my own thought process. It’s really tough to put my feelings about this into words, but I can at least attest to the fact that she brought a youthful energy everywhere she went here, and I don’t think this forum will ever be the same without the apocalyptic Muppet heralding her arrival.

That’s kinda all I can really put into words. After having held onto this message for weeks on end I think it’s time I actually post it. We’ll miss you, coraline, but knowing you’re in a better place helps a good deal.


In my country we have a saying about deceased people, its something like this:
“To know if the person was good or bad, you just have to look at how many mourn them”

Haven’t known caroline at all but now i know that she was a good person.


I am so, so sorry I missed this somehow. I have no idea how, but I did and now, reading this thread, it truly hurts. As some will know, I used to be far more active here. I had to step away for personal reasons, but I have had a very soft spot for the entirety of Chrono since that time and Coraline was very much a key reason for that.

You see, what drew me into this community at that time was the happy friendly nature. The lack of keyboard warriors or antagonists. I posted at the time that the site was like a calm happy oasis to me. And Coraline was the absolute personification of that. Such a sweet and generous soul in all her interactions with me and all I saw with others.

I have more to express but I simply don’t know how right now.

Sleep well sweet lady and thanks for being an inspiration and a friend, albeit so sadly briefly. The world just got a little darker for not having your light in it x