A little request/suggestion.


What you guys write for the main page in ‘‘Today’s Deal’’ is different from what you guys write about the deal in the community page. The topics in the community page are still viewable however the main page isn’t viewable after the daily deal is over. (atleast not for regular users)

Since the main page usually has more written about the game of the day along with puns and whatnot, it’d be nice to see an archive page that lets people see everything you’ve written about past deals even after the deal isn’t available anymore.

What do you guys think? Is this doable, is it a good idea? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


I never even thought about the game description being gone forever. Now I’m sad. I’ll start including the description of the game in our daily forum post. Thanks for the idea!

and maybe even do more, not only have a history of these descriptions, maybe you could expand and do a bundle deal later on or so, where all of the games with their deals can be bought again (just as an example, for 24 hours every hour one new deal out of the games that were previously covered here, maybe once every month).
Which would not only let the nice sites reappear once again, but also let people give the chance to grab a deal they missed. Also its funny and cool. I also liked GoGs Insomnia, was a nice idea.


I doubt that the whole monthly bundle thing will ever be implemented, that’d just completely defeat the purpose of one deal each day and it’d kinda feel like a rip off of Humble Bundle.


why would something rip off humblebundle when pretty much any indie game deal site has it?
But thats not what i said, and yo ushould read it properly. I said, a day on which the deals of the past are redone but instead of having one deal a day you have a one deal each hour for one day concept. This more or less follows gog.com and its insomnia sale and in no way humblebundle.


We’re big fans of the original Woot.com and Meh.com which popularized those types of flash sales, so it’s definitely something we’re thinking about! :slight_smile:

I feel like if those flash sales are going to happen, most people will only be here when they are happening to get all the deals at once instead of checking every day. Just sounds like a bad idea I think.


possible, but an assumption. Also it can be done in many different ways. No one said it had to be the way i described it. Also i dont think that what you say is a good way to do it, because A: you wont get all the deals anyway because not all of the deals of the month would be repeated but some. Maybe the most successful or popular ones.
B: you only would have 1 hour for each deal (in my described example) so you had to sit infront of it 24 hours, i dont think thats as comfortable as to check every day, yet it still provides a chance to grab a deal you missed on one day because of reason x and y.
So in the end, i dont see your problem as a real problem, but as a chance for all the people.

Also you have to remember what this is about, its not for the sake of checking every day, its for the sake of offering good games in a deal to make it attractive for the people and grab a game on a lower price. Which helps the developers and the customers and may give copies out to people who would otherwise not buy the game.
Im not checking everyday because i think its fun to visit the site every day, but because i hope i will find and grab a great deal for a game i want to pick up in a discount or from what i missed a good discount so i can undo the mistake of not getting it.

In short, would it really matter if it was like you said? In the end people would still buy the games on the deal on this site and so still do exactly what the site is for and what it targets to be and fulfill. Whether now many people grab 10 games on one day for a good deal or many grab one game on 10 days over the month doesnt really matter.
Both ways follow the intention of the developers and the hosts of these deals. But “my” suggestion gives more options and chances for those who missed a deal on top of that.

Some even said they would have picked games up but couldnt because no paypal. These people would get a chance to grab the game. Others have other reasons as to why they missed one. Literally everyone wins there.


Assumption or not, if it does end up happening then getting all those deals for every day is wasted work hours if the consumers are only going to visit once a month, might aswell just put more effort into making one bundle of 30 games per month. Oh wait, that’s what Humble Bundle does. Plus I’m sure that getting the games up twice in a row isn’t as easy as simply going to the developer and asking for it.

This makes no sense, if one did miss out on some deals they’d have no idea when that certain deal is going up thus STILL ending up infront of the screen ‘‘24 hours’’. Sidenote: I like how you write as if the people would be staring at Chrono.gg the entire hour of each deal when they could easily be playing a game and have the site in the background just to check in once an hour.

I don’t see it as a problem and it definitely isn’t MY problem, I’m not associated with Chrono.gg in any way and if this idea does get implemented it wouldn’t affect me at all, I was simply throwing in my two cents as the idea made next to no sense for me considering Chrono.gg’s business model.

The people who buy these games are the people who have been interested in these games. If there’s a game I’m not interested in, I’m not going to buy it simply because it has a greatly discounted price. The price won’t change my opinion about the game, it will only make me more likely to purchase it if I didn’t already have it and was interested in buying it. (And I’m pretty sure that goes for majority of the people)

What this does do, however, is making people come back to see if there is a game they’re interested in buying for a lower price, and ofcourse discovering lesser-known titles.

Skipping this because I answered this in my other bits.

It would be much easier for Chrono.gg to simply repeat the deal individually at a later date (And I’m sure this will happen) and it would make more sense that way. Also, lets not forget that the intention here isn’t to allow every person in the world to get every deal whenever they feel like it, that is just way too entitled. If you missed it, you missed it. It’s that simple.

Not sure why I’m even bothering to reply to this, seems like a pretty wasteful argument and I’m not going to reply to this any further. Chrono.gg will do whatever they feel is the best thing to do and I trust them on that.




problem is you again argue over something that is not even a thing to think about. I made a basic sugestion and gave an example of how something like that could work.
Yet you argue about it as if i am the one now having to create a concept of how this has to work and you try to pick parts out of it for the sake of doing it and for no reason. I said it would be cool to have an insomnia-like day every month. Thats it.
Yet you still argue as if its what humblebundle doesn while they never even did anything like that. Because you failed from the beginning to understand what my suggestion even was, or my example.
What i gave as an example was something gog.com does and that works as proven. It can be created in a way that it works and still follows what chrono.gg wants to achieve and still accomplishes anything without any real problem.
It doesnt matter how in detail it would work, as it can and does work and yet could make the site much better.
Only being unique for the sake of being unique doesnt make something good.

Also you are wrong. Many people buy a game because it is cheaper. Just because i dont want to buy a game at full price doesnt mean i think its bad. I like the idea of Stardew Valley, i think it may be fun and i would play it. Yet i will wait for it to be cheaper because i dont value the experience i may get with it as much. I buy Overwatch and Dark SOuls 3 at full price because i really want to play both as soon as possible. But i also waited for Vermintide to drop at a discount because i didnt want to drop too much on it.
Yet i think it was worth the discounted price and i liked to play it. A price doesnt make a game better but puts it into a better value for a person and every person values different.