A link to the in-browser Steam code redemption page?

Basically title
I saw it was mentioned that by someone a while ago on here that it is possible, and I use it every time I buy from Humble to great avail.
Was just thinking having a link to it on the page where your codes are or something, or when you click to copy the code, would be nice.


Worry No More!!!
Just visit this page β€œβ€ https://store.steampowered.com/account/registerkey β€œβ€
Login, and redeem your code, works from every device, including phones :smiley:


I think the person means a Steam code redemption shortcut to that page from our https://www.chrono.gg/account/orders along with auto-fill for code where when you click and it sends you there, like Humble Bundle does. :sweat_smile:


Quick question ( and slightly out of the discussion )… am I the only one who cannot click the links provided by both of us??? Is the hyperlink broken or the bot removed it?

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The site has clearly had an update, they were hyperlinked earlier but just as I’ve gone to reply to you I see the comment box looks a little different.

Discourse what are you doing?


Edited and fixed, lol
Discourse is being rude.

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It’s on the way!