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A Decent Dead Cells Deal


The other two games are acting as filler but overall, this is probably the best deal around for this game.

If you happen to use cryptocurrency, which I don’t, IndieGala also has the additional discount. By the way, has anyone used this?

For those of you living under a virtual cave, look no further than our own @onLooSe for his detailed Dead Cells update videos featuring daily challenges and how he blows by the rest of the playing field. Subscribe to and follow his YouTube channel here:


That’s more than decent, it’s close to the cheapest it’s ever been, nice catch.


Dead Cells is just amazing really :slight_smile: I’m sadsad sloth because i do not have enough free time to give it attention it deserves :slight_smile:

My little ‘review’ if you need some more convincing


16 Buckaroos here …


how much is it on Steam for you? that’s a pretty big hike in numbers just for Canadian dollars.


29.99 normally but on sale…20.09

That is what I have been saying …recently, I am getting killed on the exchange…


Cheaper than getting with Coins via Chrono? :smirk:


Yah this is a REALLY good deal


$16 US for me - which is roughly $32 in my local currency.


Amazing deal and I’m surprised there are people that haven’t picked up this game yet :slight_smile:. Thank you very much for the shoutout buddy… I still try to top when I have my free days :stuck_out_tongue:.

I have even shorter :rofl:, which I made for the chrono daily deal few months ago.


@DontBeSilly, I just +1 your review, hehe…

@onLooSe, I already did +1 your review some time ago, so can’t double dip there…

Reading your review makes me feel like I need to play it again… since I have so little time so far in it… Just never made it far enough yet. :smile:


I’m thinking about buying this bundle for Dead Cells.


So am I, sis! I feel you. :broken_heart:


Darn, just bought it for almost double that on Steam. Anyway, it’s good, but not THAT good, think twice before buying it with a huge backlog of games lol

btw says it’s over or unavailable atm for me


says the same for me when I tried to buy it, oh well I really don’t need it :slight_smile:


I was still doubting, but indeed apparently I’ll not get it right now :


@Four and @Tencore, how far are you able to go with the purchase? It took me all of the way to my paypal page, so maybe they restocked? I have no troubles making the purchase, it seems. I didn’t go through with it, because I already own the game.


I tried it again and no, still get the following message when pushing the paypal button:
We’re sorry but this bundle is over or unavailable at the moment.

Maybe it has a region lock or something? I’m from the EU.


Okay, it did that to me this time… sorry…

Perhaps they did a temporary restock, but ran out again.


I just thought it’s kinda funny @coralinecastell, almost as good as if it said “secured by Facebook” :joy:


Still not working for me.