A Couple of Feedback

Hello everyone!

New to Chrono.gg (as a whole, never used the site to buy games) and new to the community as well. I’ve been fumbling around the actual website and looking around some post in the forums (specifically the feedback category) and if it is okay, I would like to give my own two cents :slight_smile:

Before I actually go to the feedback, I would just like to say thank you for implementing the coins system, and that it is a very good idea :smiley:

So the (actual feedback):

  • Show “My Account” instead of Account Email - Now call me a paranoid but I think that aside from the actual security features of the site, not showing the email of the user on the upper right corner is very good first line of defense. This is because the assumption that your Chrono.gg email account is the one that you also use for social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter can be a correct one. We don’t necessarily want to give people who shoulder surf are quick peek at our email even if it isn’t the one we use for anything that is linked with personal information. The best “solution” that I cant think of is changing the email to “My Account” and put the email as one of the dropdown items when you hover on the “My Account” text.

  • Better Description in the Question Mark of Daily Rewards - Now call me an idiot but on the first glance, the description that is put on the question mark for Daily Rewards didn’t really help explain stuff. Now, I’m not a web developer (front-end or back-end) but I’m assuming that the question mark is for the user to know something. I was thinking along the lines of “Below shows the amount of coins you can earn for the next upcoming sales. Sales end every day at 9AM Pacific”. What I’ve put, can of course, be written and formatted better into a more concise state.


  • Displaying an Actual Countdown Timer - I’m assuming this isn’t being done because the website has it’s own text for sales that have ended (eg. This sale has ended 2 minutes ago - I’m sorry if this isn’t the exact thing, I accidentally refreshed the site and as of this post, I’m currently looking at the next sale which is “Screeps”) however for people like me who doesn’t use Pacific Time most of the time, I assume most of us have to do a quick google search and convert the time after said search. I think it would be easier if a countdown timer is shown instead/

  • More Information for the Game on Sale (Instead of Linking to the Steam Website) - Now I’m not a marketing guy but I think it would be better if you;ve put some more information about the game WHILE linking to the Steam Page. This is so that the user doesn’t have to do an extra click just to see information about the game. I believe this isn’t being done because I think I’ve read somewhere that it’s believed that the Steam Page will probably do a better job explaining the game while showcasing videos and pictures better. This could be a good thing though.

  • More Game Screenshots - Same as above.

  • Show the Amount of Keys Left in the Coin Shop - Now I assume this isn’t being done due to reasons that can’t be disclosed to the public but this could be a really good thing for end users. If ever that this would be implemented, I proposed an “X out of Y keys remaining” format.

  • More Information About the Games in the Coin Shop - Currently, when you check on a game in the Coin Shop, it gives a very very brief description of the game (that personally, I believe is lacking). My reasons are the same with point 2.

  • Add a “How Long the Games in the Coin Shop will be for Sale” - I’ve been searching around the forums and I’ve failed to see a post explaining how long games will be on the coin shop. If there is one, please feel free to link it to me since it will be a good read. This is mostly a UI think for the coin shop since I’m assuming that if the games on the Coin Shop are about to be changed for a new set, you guys will be announcing the change here in the forums. The UI info could be a good thing though.

I hope you find the feedback (and even the very very very subjective ones) useful!


EDIT: These are all front-end feedback. I have yet to buy a game through Chrono.gg so I don’t know how the site looks or works from those end.


I agree with most of what you wrote (especially saying “X out of Y keys remaining” instead of “X% claimed”), but I would assume that the “How Long the Games in the Coin Shop will be for Sale” would be entirely dependent on how many keys remain. If there are still keys, it would stay up, but if all the keys are gone, then it would be removed eventually (even if more keys for the game are acquired, the game could simply be re-added to the store, not unlike how the site already puts games up for sale on the home page that have already been sold on the site).


That is a very good point though, but I think this would probably be cleared up with the subsequent announcements? From what I’m assuming the Coin Shop and the Coins are both new features?

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Thanks so much for the feedback, we love seeing stuff like this!

As for your specific suggestions:

  • Show “My Account” instead of Account Email: This is something we considered before the site launched, and we ended up landing on the side of showing the email address so people always have a reminder of where games they purchase are sent. That being said, it’s not something we feel super strongly about, so if other people request this we can certainly do it.

  • Better Description in the Question Mark of Daily Rewards: Great suggestion, we’ll make that copy clearer.

  • Displaying an Actual Countdown Timer: Been on our backlog for awhile, we’ll get to it!

  • More Information for the Game on Sale (Instead of Linking to the Steam Website): Also in the works. :slight_smile:

  • More Game Screenshots: Something we’ve considered, it’s a possibility for the future, but we’d need to do some thinking about how we’d fit it in elegantly with our design.

  • Show the Amount of Keys Left in the Coin Shop: This is something we don’t want to disclose publicly, that’s why we show the % claimed instead. It’s obviously not as exact, but I think it accomplishes the same goal without giving too much information away.

  • More Information About the Games in the Coin Shop: We’ve had a few suggestions about this, definitely something we’re considering. It’s another point where we need to do some design thinking to make it flow well.

  • Add a “How Long the Games in the Coin Shop will be for Sale”: So the obvious answer here is that they will be there until they’re sold out, but we’ve had a lot of questions about this so apparently it’s not obvious enough! :wink: We’ll be adding some more copy on the page to give a better idea of when games will be removed and when new games will be added.


Hey there thanks for the reply :smiley:

For the email thing, like I said I might just be paranoid about stuff like this XD Really cant do anything about it since its your design decision :stuck_out_tongue:

So I have an immediate question for the last bullet point. You said that a game will stay there until its sold out. I was wondering how you’ll combat the off chance that the game has stayed there for so long. Whether the game will be bought using coins or not cant really be assumed or predicted but if the game is there for such a long time, wouldnt that mean a forfeited slot for games that will change?

Edit: just saw you answer this question in another thread XD

Also I’m assuming that if for example the game that stayed in the Coin shop is worth 5000 coins then the upcoming games wont cost 5000 coins?

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We’ll try to always have a good spread of games at different prices, but there may be periods where a certain price point doesn’t have a game for a little while. A lot of this comes down to viewing behavior patterns and learning what people want.


Reviewing analytics is fun!

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