A cautionary tale

Hello there everyone, my first post on here but I’ve been on the site for some 70 days now, I’m just not much of a talker. I just wanted to come with you about a cautionary tale of what you shouldn’t do on Chrono.gg, even if your intentions were good. So 70 days ago I made this account to gain coins and free games (I must admit I had no real interest in buying any games, but that’s just because I don’t have the means to) and one day I saw someone on the forum post about some guy that was re-gifting games on Steam Gifts and people talking about multiple accounts and such. So I made 1, 1 extra account to test the security of the site. I gained the coins, tried to purchase a game, and it wouldn’t go. Good I think, their security is good. If I had actually got a game I would’ve quit immediately on both accounts and stopped.

But I can’t buy with either account. I send in a email and my main account is found to be a duplicate of another, which makes no sense anyway since this account was made first. I reply with what I was trying to do and it’s been days without reply. I asked to have the other account deleted and this one reinstated (I didn’t actually get away with anything) since I have a 70 day streak going. It’d be like nothing happened. But since I’m receiving no reply I’m just guessing I’m permabanned. So it was nice being on here while it lasted. Have fun guys.

Also, while you might disagree or agree with me, I must admit the rules on this site are kinda wishy-washy. Don’t allow resale, allow regifting, ban duplicates, don’t listen to replies. Have a random message like mail this chrono.gg email when it could be an automated duplicate banned! or something message instead so people don’t keep trying. I’m just not sure what is right and what is wrong on here.

So which part of using duplicate accounts gets you banned did you fail to understand?

It’s easy to come up with a story of how you’re just testing security once caught in the act and try to shift blame to the security that is working as intended and is now dealing with you in the way it ought to.

Next time you want to be a security tester get a contract with the site or company you’re testing first.


Yeah the rules are not wishy washy.
The Chrono guys have said in the Steam gifts forum post that you can regift if you want, and the ban of duplicates is a given as it stops people from botting or gaming the system and taking multiple games for themselves to make profit rather than the intention of the systems implementation.[quote=“ChronoCross, post:1, topic:4158”]
don’t listen to replies

And you gotta look a this from the perspective of the guys getting your email. It seems from what you said that they initially did reply to you and you told them your reasoning, and that reasoning to them would seem pretty flimsy to them (even if you real reasoning is that you were testing their security, I dont see why you would need to or what benefit you would get from doing that, no one asked you to test it), and I am sure they have got a ton of that sort of email to asking for the removal of the ban, so I don’t see why they should reply to you. What are they gonna say? “You did the wrong thing sorry cant help you”?

To me your reasoning for making a second account is more wishy washy than the rules.


I’ve chuckled a bit… am I a bad person?


So if you had got the game on the second account, why exactly would you have quit the site?

This is where your story really falls apart, I fail to see what it has to do with security anyway, your email address is at risk?


“So you’re telling me you stole from your neighbour so you could test their security?”

“That’s right”

“And you did this out of the good of your heart, not because you WANTED to steal from them?”


“All right, seems all good - you’re free to go.”


Ooooh my turn,

“It’s not my fault my car hit him, I was driving straight at him to test his situational awareness and reflexes.”

“Seems legit!”


If anything, the coin shop is proving to be an infinite source of lulz.


I’m clearly a naive special snowflake, I didn’t even think about making a second account to try and game the system. I mean it’s a good thing but it just never even occurred to me until all these posts started popping up about people complaining they can’t have more than one account.


It’s the best deterrent. After all, if it wasn’t that way, we’d all start making multiple accounts, with no consequence to your… “main” account.

There has to be something that explicitely tells people to not try that kind of funny stuff.

If you still do it, hey it’s your account. kthnxbai


They made two accounts (and even claimed they had no interest in buying anything) and got both accounts banned. Now they’re unhappy they can’t use their Streak for free games.


Locking this thread since there’s not much positive that will come from it. Needless to say, we take attempts to exploit the coin system seriously. We’re working on a better solution so that this won’t be a problem in the future, but for now, this is what happens.