a blackout all the day


at 3 pm the light is out of my house ,an technician come to my place he fix the blackout because of cables broken. uffff all the day without light :confounded:


Well I bend in that situation before, so the only you can do is talk with your family or just think about stuff or do exercise or sports


Whenever I have a blackout or the internet dies, I always have something that I can do.

Board games. Card games. Try to cook something interesting while keeping the refrigerator closed as much as possible. Clean some place that needs to be cleaned. Call someone I want to catch up. Or pace around and walk in circles until I’m bored into doing something.


I hate when that happens.:exploding_head:


Here in South Africa, black outs are extremely common to deal with “electricity shortages” (there is a lot of corruption happening behind the scenes) and we even have different levels.
Every household also has at least 1 solar light :rofl:

We’re currently on level 2 so not too bad but this is the reason why my significant other and I saved up and got switches. I’ll read/craft or art if there’s good light and if not, switch time! We also play board games.

I hope those cables get fixed soon, man :sunflower:


Candle light I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Or sleep :0
I had a lot of blackouts lately some voltage issue aparently. Some of them happened at night tho so ya


ajajja yeah candles the worst part if abuse for part of the technique in the price jajajaj


Yup, I know what that’s like.
Most often caused by thunderstorms (common around here in TA).


Oh. I guess some wouldn’t know that ‘TA’ is an acronym; Tornado Alley.