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9 - Codice Decipiat


What is your favourite cheat code that you have used in a game?

Doom - IDDQD - Invulnerability.

(Only way I finished that damn thing)


Motherload for The Sims because I have no idea how people make money otherwise.


All of GTA III cheat codes


Has to be the Konami code, mainly because I remember it so well after so long.

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The classic, like a fine wine! Lmao


in The Battle for Wesnoth
great free strategy game to this day, I does recommend to thy

Unlocks cheating and I used it so much when I played it haha, some levels were just so insane to handle without some extra troops :3

Also when you get bored of the campaign (s), creating a custom map in the editor in which you play as some uber Lichking, reigning in your swamp of the dark…
srsly I should start it up some time, it even runs on lowest end hardware (read: my laptop)

It’s available for Linux as well :wink:


ABACABB - Blood code for sega genesis version of Mortal Kombat


how do you turn this on

Age of Empires 2, because silliness.


Any cheat code in Destroy All Humans!
Does anyone else remember ‘Cheat’ from G4TV?!
The good ole days…