75% off on Assetto Corsa with all DLC

Pretty sweet deal:


I’ve already bought downwell. I cant keep buying these games I have…food to buy?


this game is very very user-unfriendly; am getting a refund (hopefully) and downloading Project Cars again (omg why did i uninstall b4 testing this); had plenty of issues trying to get it to use my 360 controller (and actually applying my desired settings for that) and it wouldn’t even run the game for a bit due to some weird permission issue i’ve never seen with any other game ever, and the graphics kinda suck too i have to say, and u can’t even use yr controller in the menus, like WTF

i’m not saying this is not the better sim, it might very well be, but i’m not using my wheel anyway atm (can’t be bothered to set it up and remove it every time i want to play), so Project Cars definitely is the better option for me atm (or Dirt Rally if i ever wanna go die hard again) and then maybe i’ll get the sequel’s deluxe edition some time down the road when there’s a big sale on that


wow, refund went through in 50 min; Valve has become way better at this