62 days streak RIP

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2 things got me here

1, at least be glad you weren’t on 80+ days or something, “only” 2 days lost, could be worse, so chin up buddy :hugging:

2, how do people keep manage to lose an ongoing streak, or am i just so fortunate i don’t have a 24 hours busy day and thus manage to spend the 30secs it take at random times to check in :confused:

anyways, best of luck on your next streak


I missed it because of stupid time they change daily deals for Europe it’s 6 pm.
I also had a 11 days streak but missed it because of day light saving (Europe and North America change time a week apart)

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i know m8, live in Europe too, going on 76days streak atm
i check multiple times a day now (seems the longer the streak the more paranoid i get about missing it lol), but personally had no trouble making the “appointment” everyday, just set a reminder at the same time each day, around 7-8pm EU, or other times that fit you,
or get paranoid like me and check in the morning and evening, and couple of times in between whenever you got 30secs
to me it’s sorta easy to “remember”; chrono resets at 6pm, steam at 7pm, humble at 8 etc etc, so i just set a time after 8 and made it a habit to check all 3 in a row for deals, sales, coins whatever is going on,
getting in to a habit makes a “schedule” easy, and having a back up ritual say morning when getting out of bed or evening before going to bed makes other stuff fall neatly in line as safety net
since we have 24 hours to check just gotta make at least 1 fixed check in time, if it’s roughly around the same time every day -never misses, despite DLsavings or other stuff
manual habits are great, and the phone calendar/reminder app helps if one forgets still

best of luck pal, hope you find a groove and stick in it to not miss a streak again


At least it’s not like you missed anything, after each 30 days, new cycle start and all rewards are the same.:yum:


I just signed up for the email mailing list and if I forget, I am usually reminded by Chrono themselves.

@RedOne That is a major bummer though, lol. I shouldn’t laugh as I missed a streak too, sort of a similar situation regarding clock misreading, well for me it was because of my own stupidity but still it involved clocks changing. That’s when I signed up for email updates.


I can make an RSS desktop Gadget if anyone wants, though very few people can still use them since Microsoft deprecated Gadgets. It won’t address the issue of time, though. That’s something I really want. There’s definitely some JavaScript that could handle localizing a countdown timer but I’m not very good with that. :confounded:


While we’re on the subject of losing streaks, I had a 54 day streak until 13 days ago, when I had to move out of my old apartment. The sheer amount of time that took caused me to miss two days in a row.


I’m happy enough with the email notifications, thanks. I’m sure some others may find that useful but is that not a lot more of a hassle for you to do @spudmuffin ?

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I had alarm set to ring everyday at 9 pm for last 2 months ,but that night I’ve ended up helping my friend with something and as soon as I came home and touched my bed I passed out because I spent more than 12h out that day. But at least now I have story for my grandchildren to be told one day.

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I’m sure Little Billy and Wee Betsy will rejoice at that potential fable of yours… I’m jealous of the levels of rejoicing I shall miss out on.