6 Free Games @ Humble Trove Untill 2/2/2018

These are not Steam games… but downloadable games.


lol for a moment i forgot how humble trove worked and that i already had them :smile:
thx for the reminder tho @delenn13 as always :+1:


Haha, this is such a weird thing. I now have access to only the things I did not have access to before. Everything that had been unlocked for me from previous months requires me to resubscribe while the things that I never unlocked at all are accessible to me.

Ah no that’s not what’s going on at all. Should’ve read properly and it’s only 6 choice titles that they’re unlocking. I thought the full trove was to be unlocked.


If I didn’t have hundreds of games already in my backlog then a few of these Humble Originals would catch my eye…

A quick search makes me feel that Crescent Bay looks a bit like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Thor.n seems similar to The Stanley Parable. 2000:1: A Space Felony looks intriguing too.


Cool, I’m gonna download these and keep them on my hard drive for when the day comes when I finally gonna play them.





Woah cool, thanks OP, I am not even sure if I’ve been to the Trove before, Humble Monthly always seemed so expensive to me compared to the regular bundles :sweat_smile:

Edit: LOL they have Dustforce DX in there! I just saw that game in retail, not joking, for 0.10€ a few days ago :rofl:


that getting over it game is on there.

I check trove a lot not recently though I should.


and beholder.

and the crappy lara croft game


Fair warning: don’t waste your time on Crescent Bay, but rather watch a playthrough on YT. It might bug out on you near the very end, which makes for a frustrating finish… it’s more of a playable short film anyway, takes about 20 mins.

Also that Hitchhiker Game isn’t much of a game either. Tbh I can’t tell what about it was supposed to be enjoyable. It starts out interesting but then…well nothing. Which is why I can’t recommend it either.

Best game so far was the Sh’m’up with the Cat Girl, that one was fun, tho short as well.

Edit: Idk am trying all the free games, should I update you/anyone bout the other games? :sweat_smile:


never seems like a bad idea to share ones thoughts, -might just save another for wasting 5min of their life, or better yet, lured into X hours of gaming joy :smile:

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and the crappy lara croft game

Sorry, been waiting to say that for a while.


crystal dynamics have a habit of ruining games

cough Soul Reaver cough

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Blood Omen was a good port though

I’ve never actually played those, I think they’re in my GoG account somewhere but I’m all controller using these days. so until I run out of games that use controllers I probably won’t get round to it xD but it looked fine, Silicon Knights developed it, I dunno who developed Tomb Raider or Soul /reaver 2, 'cause yeah, CD is a publisher, unless nowadays they’re a big enough company to employ both, but a publisher turned creator isn’t normally a good sounding thing is it?

edit: I just looked up soul reaver, and crystal dynamics published that too, the big difference between soul reaver 1 & 2 is the developer, Eidos made the first one, who also made Tomb Raider Chronicles a great game, and the second one is by some random company I’d never heard of. but Crystal Dynamics still saw it and said it was ok! also, I just looked up the modern Tomb Raider game I’m talking about, and Square Enix made that one! of all companies to pump out a bad game I’d never suspect… FF13 & 13-2 & 14 were terrible games actually… and 11 wasn’t great. 15 is a good comeback though. except they just copied Capcom.

Regarding FF, it depends on what you consider terrible, to me 13 wasn’t, might not have been the greatest of them all, but I’ll never say it’s terrible, haven’t played 13-2 so no comments on that, and 14 & 11 are MMOs, and a lot of people think 14 is actually great right now, I like 15 but can’t see what you mean by “they just copied Capcom”.

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oh yeah I guess that should have been specifically “they just copied monster hunter”

I’m actually currently playing FFXIII (finished the main story and want to do all the post game stuff). I went in expecting awful things, and aside from being incredibly linear up until chapter 11 It’s not a bad game at all. Can’t for the life of me understand how Lightning became so popular seeing as she’s almost a personality free zone, and the plot isn’t exactly the strongest, but the combat system is interesting once you get into the harder battles and the hunts and upgrade system are quite time intensive. Damn my gaming OCD else I’d have ditched this after the plot finished but something compels me to do everything…

The battle system gets a little more interesting once you figure what the roles are useful for, some uber hard battles become child’s play once you figure what to do with some of them.

@kylehayman361 I’ve never played an MH game before, but for what I know of them can’t seem to draw enough similarities that can’t be attributed to other genres as well, and certainly not enough to say the copy a particular game.

those are the two big sellers for me on an RPG, character building, and a non-linear gameplay.

and to be honest I haven’t played FF15 yet, I USED to say that one was terrible conformist bullshit until recently, when I discovered they’d made it non-linear, and the characters are built well! and then I saw that a majority of the game is spent hunting monsters, in a big open plain, which is all there is to monster hunter, besides the fact you can turn those monsters into weapons, not seen anything like that from FF15, but I’d be very happy to not know 'cause that’d be cool yet another rip off xD I don’t actually mind if they have ripped off Capcom, I just thought it was blatant so I mentioned it to solidify a point haha.