6 Free eBooks

From one of my favorite horror authors in the UK:

Iain Rob Wright - Here are the books you will get:

You supply an email address and in exchange you will get a link to download them from Book Funnel which offers lots of options and if you’re not familiar looks like this they do not harvest emails:


If you want more he has just started a new series which I think might still be on sale:

Also, books 1 and 2 of The Spread are currently ranked as best sellers in the USA, so thanks so much for your support. If you haven’t grabbed your copies yet, you can get both of them here: The Spread Series (affiliate link). NOTE not MY affiliate link but his.

I have all his books and love them.

Of course YMMV. Enjoy!


Ah, I know of Bookfunnel, not checked it out for a while though. Thanks @sewcraftyme :heart: :hugs:


You are most welcome. Happy Reading and feel free to share the post.


But WAIT there’s more: Another newsletter from an author who I’ve spoken of before and is in my top 3 of all time favorite authors: Robert McCammon:

Just a reminder that there are some free Robert McCammon short stories on his website that are particularly appropriate for this time of year! All three can be read on the website, or you can download AZW3 (Kindle), MOBI, EPUB (Nook), and PDF files on the site:

“Night Ride: A Story from Matthew Corbett’s World”
“Strange Candy”
“Blood Is Thicker than Hollywood

Robert is not only a great author but he has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to interact with his er…friends who visit him often at the The Alabama Booksmith where he reads from his books and offers signed books at publisher prices.

You can see Robert talking about his books and give readings if like me you are nowhere near Alabama or if you never want to be here:

Mentioned in the last email that Salome Japiashvili translated Boy’s Life into the Georgian language. Her Facebook Live event about her experiences translating the book can be seen on her Facebook page:

Salome Japiashvili: Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon - My Translations

Free Halloween treat for German readers

German publisher Luzifer Verlag has released a Halloween treat for German readers! They’re offering a free ebook download of the Matthew Corbett short story “Death Comes for the Rich Man.” The story was originally included in the Subterranean Press limited edition of The Providence Rider, and it can also be found in the German translation of that book, Matthew Corbett in den Fängen des Kraken.

For English-language readers, the story will be included in the planned short story collection Seven Shades of Evil, but that likely won’t see print until 2022.

Luzifer Verlag posted on Facebook about the story.

Download link: https://bit.ly/31BU7zA

I love Halloween.


Thanks @sewcraftyme :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


@sewcraftyme Thanks for all your posts! :+1:


It’s not that it’ll scare me, but land alive with so much stuff to purr at, when are we going to sleep @sewcraftyme?

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Sleep? Here’s my theory on that. Note: I was saying this long before Jon was: