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6 Free Batman Games on Epic Games Store



Yeah I understood that, still hyped that they’re giving away a Metro game



Also, their sandwiches taste awful. Change my mind.

Oh, wrong Subway.


The port to PC was terrible, the game layout seems overlong, I can’t bear to see the changes they made to scarecrow from Arkham Asylum… Oh and I don’t want anything to do with the batmobile (since it seems like such a token gameplay element).


… but you get to drive the Batmobile, don’t you? The only thing cooler would be driving Kit from Knight Rider. :heart: :smile:

Get what you mean about changing character models though - it’s jarring and takes you out the game a good deal.


The batmobile in arkham knight seems like such a weird lore break though. Here’s Batman who refuses to use guns and supposed to have a thing about killing people, barreling through the streets of the city in a tank with rocket launchers and miniguns. Something just seems a bit off about that.


Ah I see. Yes. That’s what I like about Arkham and I had forgotten til yesterday. I much more relate to the Batman who isn’t a homicidal vigilante.

Forgot all the guns and stuff on the Batmobile. O_o I like cool machines, heh. That said, I’m wondering how much it even features in Arkham Knight. Hm.


something u can do in Rocket League, actually, lol

quite a lot, actually, game is filled with obligatory, repetitive “tank” fights which last quite a while too


Ugh. Think I’ll go with @hivefleetbothan - that’ll feel awkward in comparison. O_O

Rocket League? Hm? Linku please?


note it’s dlc, lol


Soccer with vehicles. O_O is slain

Never heard of this before. Poor Kit, that’s how I drive him in a normal racing game too most likely, lots of barrel rolling, lol. Thanks for the linkus… the nostalgia. ^^