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6 - Coniecto


A guessing game. How many of these spammed threads will get shut down by the time the new coin shop games are released? Only one person can choose a number between 1 - 20, and then that number is locked out, and subsequent choosers must select another number.

Winner will be given a key that corresponds with their number, counted down from the top of my humble key list. Could be AAA, could be a World of Warships key.


8 of them will get shut down!


Do you mean shut down as in locked by the mods or ignored and inactive?
0 if locked.
15 if ignored.

Also why demand 1 is the lowest number? Are you assured at least 1 thread will be shut down?


Hey @PeteMcc, you want a new game? Let me know.:thinking:


he does not want to give his keys to anyone


Yeah i am on a hiatus from the forums for a bit but yeah i am willing to rig it.


I mean we could also just silence him for spamming (his own admission in the first post here) and hold unsilencing at ransom till he gives us all the keys. Abuse of power i know, but why get 1 game when we can get 20 (40/60 split between us in my favour for coming up with the idea).


OK! But they better not be games I already have. :smile:


Look i will let you choose first since you have the lower split and more games in your library.


You can have that key too…I have no use for it…


That one is a lost cause on me as well, but i’ll take the hit. Maybe since you choose first and that is in there i should renegotiate to 70/30


They are probably all poop games anyway…


I am thinking of getting the monthly as i want road to eden, so if that is in there i am willing to take the poop with it.


I just bought 7 games…maybe I should have waited…:thinking:


Well what is the likeyhood that they are some of the game he has on offer? Statistically very low


Go for 20 and I can sleep well ;]


Very true. And 2 had just been released, but they are small games.

Good idea. I will sleep on my numbers.


I mean the games i dont want i can keep in my giveaway list and whenever lord enters for a game in our giveaways i just give him one of his keys back. That might be a little to cruel though.


Well, duh! He probably already has them. That is why he is giving them away.


But maybe they are just games he knows he wont play. Thats what most of my giveaway keys are