6 Audiobooks Free to download From iTunes...

Apple currently has these 6 audiobooks available to download on iTunes:

Pride and Prejudice – narrated by Kate Beckinsale
The Time Machine – narrated by Kelsey Grammer
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – narrated by Titus Burgess
Frankenstein – narrated by Aaron Mahnke
The Secret Garden – narrated by Karen Gillan
Winnie the Pooh (short story) – narrated by Disney Book Group

Page Not Found - Apple?

I didn’t get it. i don’t use itunes. And I don’t know if it’s area restricted or not…Hopefully someone can tell more…


is this what i was meant to see?

Actually this is what I got because i don’t have itunes…So it maybe region locked…SORRY!

its not a problem for me i was just testing, trying to help
but im sorry for anyone who wants it but cant get it

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Thanks for the help…:+1:

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I tried the link too and it was blank for me as well. I also don’t use iTunes. Just got rid of it the other day. A simple search on iTunes may just be what is needed.

Edit: Found them. Just had to search for them after I reinstalled iTunes. Link still came up blank though.

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I have and use Itunes but your link is just not working. Or it’s not available in Europe :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

reconsiddering… I’m not much of a reader anyway, though they’d tell me the story, I rather download some good movies :slight_smile:

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Strange! My friend in Maine, US., got them. And didn’t say anything about the links being bad.

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Working link:



Link works but “Not available in Belgian store”

Thanks anyway! :peace_symbol:

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Can someone tell me if this is time-limited?

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Claimed this yesterday, it’s still available.